Liberty Republican TJ Roberts Unveils Bold Plan to Combat Inflation and Promote Economic Freedom in Kentucky

by | Feb 8, 2024 | News

TJ Roberts, a liberty Republican and candidate for Kentucky House of Representatives District 66, has unveiled an ambitious plan to counteract inflation and foster economic freedom within the state.

With robust support from fellow state representatives like Savannah Maddox, Steve Doan, Felicia Rabourn, Steve Rawlings, Josh Calloway, Candy Massaroni, and others, Roberts aims to make Kentucky a bastion of financial independence and innovation.

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His strategy includes abolishing the sales tax on gold and silver, banning Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to safeguard financial privacy, and emulating Wyoming’s cryptocurrency-friendly laws to attract jobs and stimulate economic growth, positioning Kentucky as a premier destination for blockchain technology.

Roberts, in an interview with Amp America, emphasized the proactive nature of his proposal:

“This is just the beginning to ensure we combat inflation in Kentucky. If I was in Congress, I would end the Federal Reserve entirely and revert to a 100 Percent Gold Standard accompanied by a free Crypto Market, but this is just a first step to ensuring honest money, and a free market in currency in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

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His plan also advocates for the Wyoming Model’s approach to crypto-backed loans, which prohibits rehypothecation and thereby promises greater market stability and protection for cryptocurrency investors.

Adding significant weight to Roberts’ economic blueprint, former Wyoming Majority Leader and Cynthia Lummis legislative director Tyler Lindholm has officially endorsed the proposal.

Lindholm’s support underscores the national interest in and potential impact of Roberts’ economic innovations, which aim not only to shield Kentuckians from inflation but also to secure the state’s position at the forefront of financial technology and liberty. This comprehensive initiative reflects Roberts’ commitment to leveraging advanced financial technologies to ensure Kentucky’s economic resilience and autonomy in the face of federal economic policies.

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