SHARP: Who Was the Real Winner of the Marjorie Taylor Greene/Jasmine Crockett B6 Drama?

by | May 27, 2024 | Opinion

Jasmine Crockett and MTG recently shared a viral heated exchange during a meeting of the House Oversight Committee. MTG has been a household name for years following viral incidents, however Crockett found herself viral almost instantly.  Social media was dominated by the topic for days. Many pundits lined up and covered the topic, with almost all choosing a side. Most alliances were formed on a party line basis.  Many Republicans choose to defend Greene. Most Democrats chose to defend Crockett. A few, such as myself, chose to criticize both Members for behavior conducted on the House floor.  

I spent most of the week rolling around ideas in my head as to why this would happen. The confrontation felt inappropriate at best, and completely manufactured at worst. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with former NY-03 Congressman George Santos that I realized I had taken the bait along with the rest of America. George asked me a simple question during our conversation. He simply asked me what the hearing was about that day. As someone who follows legislation closely, this is a question that I would have known regarding almost any other hearing over the past 5 years. It was then that I realized I had fallen for the drama as well and forgotten the fact the House Oversight Committee was meeting to discuss contempt proceedings on AG Merrick Garland.  

Since the committee incident, media coverage of possible contempt proceedings of A.G. Garland has been almost nonexistent. Greene and Crockett have continued to make waves with the incident. Crockett has even previewed a clothing line she is launching that was inspired by the incident. There has been no public outcry regarding Garland as he is the forgotten man in the situation.  In my mind, Garland was the real winner of the exchange. Public opinion on Garland has since vanished into thin air and he has gone back to a mostly invisible role in government.  

This latest example from elected Members of Congress is proof of how easy it is to control the narrative with a little bit of political theatre.  You often hear pundits around America say “focus on the signal, not the noise”. The B6 incident is proof that our Members are so good at creating the noise that the signal becomes unidentifiable. I found myself completely focused on the theatrics and not at all on the purpose of the hearing.  

Despite the disruption, the Oversight Committee eventually voted 24-20 to advance a measure to hold Garland in contempt of Congress in an attempt to censure him for failing to turn over audio recordings of the president speaking with special counsel Robert Hur. Lost in the chaos was Greene’s question of how many Democrats were employing Trump trial judge Merchan’s daughter. Originally broken by Laura Loomer, many prominent Democrats including Kamala Harris and Hakeem Jeffries have issued payments directly to Merchan’s daughter.  

Regardless of what caused the verbal scuffle between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jasmine Crockett, one thing is clear. Americans deserve competent Representatives who are focused on the people and issues rather than those who are there simply to put on a show.  The majority of Americans are unaware that Merrick Garland was facing a contempt hearing and I blame both Greene and Crockett for that.

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