Activist for Liberty: 5 Fast Facts About Larry Sharpe

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Quick Reads

Larry Sharpe, a beacon in the Libertarian community, has made a name for himself not just as a political candidate but also as a tireless advocate for the principles of limited government, personal freedoms, and individual rights. For our readership, who value these tenets deeply, understanding Sharpe’s impact and beliefs can offer both inspiration and insight. Here are five notable facets of Larry Sharpe’s journey:

Gubernatorial Run in New York

In 2018, Larry Sharpe ran a passionate campaign for the Governor of New York. Although he didn’t win, his campaign brought a significant spotlight to libertarian principles, gaining impressive traction and making him a prominent figure in the party.

Advocacy for School Choice

Sharpe is a staunch supporter of educational freedom. He believes parents, not government mandates, should decide where and how their children are educated. This stance resonates with many conservatives and libertarians who feel that school choice is a pathway to better educational outcomes and personal freedoms.

Opposition to the War on Drugs

Consistent with libertarian views, Sharpe opposes the War on Drugs. He contends that it has failed to achieve its objectives, leading instead to increased incarceration rates and infringements on personal freedoms.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Apart from his political endeavors, Sharpe is a successful entrepreneur and management consultant. His business acumen strengthens his advocacy for free markets, less red tape, and reduced governmental interference in the lives of citizens.

Training and Empowerment

Recognizing the importance of grassroots movements and effective communication, Sharpe founded Neo-Sage® in 2004, providing training, coaching, and consultancy. Through this initiative, he has empowered countless individuals with the skills needed to succeed and spread the ideals of liberty.

Larry Sharpe’s commitment to advancing libertarian principles makes him a noteworthy figure in the movement. His ability to articulate complex ideas simply and his genuine passion for individual rights and freedoms serve as a rallying point for many seeking less government intrusion and more personal autonomy.

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