America First is More Than Wearing a Red Hat and It’s Time We Realize That

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Opinion

Donald Trump has dominated the 2024 Presidential Primary has been dominated by record margins. A deep divide has been created between the DeSantis camp and the Trump camp. Much of this divide has been created by the insane behavior of DeSantis online surrogates. Trump supporters are a loyal breed. They stand with anyone who supports DJT and oppose anyone who doesn’t. With Donald Trump having all but secured the Republican nomination, it is time to take a deeper look under the hood of two members of congress. One member supports Trump, and one member doesn’t. One member receives the praise of MAGA while one draws the criticism of MAGA. Is this justified or is it pure tribalism?

Thomas Massie endorsed Ron DeSantis in the primary, drawing the ire of much of MAGA. It is important to note that Massie served alongside Massie in the House of Representatives where a friendship was born between the two men. Donald Trump values loyalty, and it could be argued that Massie endorsing DeSantis should be viewed as just that. Massie was also never publicly critical of Trump during this process.  Regardless of endorsements, Massie’s work in the House must be considered. Thomas Massie has consistently voted to support America First policy. Massie never votes for foreign spending or anything that restricts the liberty of the American people. Thomas Massie has a long track record of being America First and simply not just wearing a red hat. America would be a substantially better place with legislative chambers made up of men like Thomas Massie.  

On the other side of the coin is MAGA darling Cory Mills. Mills won a brutal primary in 2022 over true America First patriot Anthony Sabatini.  I haven’t seen the details of his campaign be discussed anywhere as of yet. Mills represents Florida’s 7th congressional district, however Cory and his wife were not even Florida residents until after his election. Cory resided in Virginia.  Both Sabatini and Mills campaigned as being Donald Trump Republicans and have supported Trump publicly. Sabatini’s support is based on genuine relationships and conviction while Mills’ appears to be based on political gain. Mills when as far as to utilize a picture of himself and Donald Trump together on a yard sign during his campaign. Apparently self conscious about his height next to president Trump, Mills even had the photo altered to make himself appear taller than he actually is. During this process, the designer failed to move his ear leaving him with the appearance of an extra appendage. 

While the photo of Mills may be comical, his financial question marks are downright scary. 

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According to a 2023 Business Insider report, Mills founded a business selling arms to foreign governments, but will not disclose which ones.  It is important to note that Mills sits on two committees overseeing foreign affairs and military spending — as well as wielding the power to vote on foreign arms deals.

The Mills family appears to be doing quite well since his placement into the DC power structure.  Upon election Mills purchased a beautiful home in the Washington DC area with a mortgage in excess of over 10 million dollars. 

Nearly 47k in annual property taxes alone seems rather steep on a congressional salary of 174k. A mortgage of 250%, the assessed value of the home, also seems suspect.  My mind immediately went to Mills’ defense business. Maybe Mills was running a successful company.  Business Insider reports that while Mills’ company is valued around 10 million dollars on its highest valuation, owes 48 million dollars to a Canadian lender.  How was Cory Mills able to obtain funding that leverages his assets multiple times their value?

Mills has also waded into culture wars. During a personal interaction I had with Cory on X, I simply stated that his campaign was funded by special interest PACS. Cory responded on the social media site by telling me that his campaign never took a dime of back money and that I should “climb out of Sabatini’s shadow and check receipts”.  I made the claim of PAC funding because I had already reviewed his campaign’s FEC filings. When I posted the screen shots of PAC funding I was immediately met with a block that still stands to this day. 

The difference between Massie and Mills could not be greater. Just like we must not punish Massie because he does not wear a MAGA hat, we must not reward Mills because he does. In the world of politics, one must believe nothing that they hear, and only half of what they see.  Both Mills and Massie have shown us plenty to believe.

Truly being America First is more than just choosing a presidential candidate.  Personally, as a Donald Trump supporter, I would love to have Thomas Massie on my side due to his body of work. I would have preferred not to have Cory Mills on my side due to his. While Massie might not have the firebrand personality of the younger generation you see speaking at Turning Point events, his record is strong enough to stand on its own. Mills produced a surprisingly solid voting record in his first term, however his history of leverage tells me that someone is pulling the strings somewhere and that will change when it matters. 

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