An ‘America First’ Stance Would Have Saved Those Soldiers From Death in Jordan

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Opinion

Guest post by Elizabeth Krauss Miller

In light of the recent drone attack near Jordan’s border with Syria, as reported by the BBC, which tragically claimed the lives of three US troops, it’s crucial to scrutinize the Biden administration’s Middle East policies from a non-interventionist, America First perspective. This incident, believed to be executed by radical groups backed by Iran, according to President Biden, signifies a heightened conflict level, notably between Israel and Hamas.

This surge in tension can be arguably linked to the Biden administration’s foreign policy approach in the Middle East. From a non-interventionist standpoint, emphasizing domestic priorities and minimal foreign entanglement, the actions of the current U.S. administration seem to perpetuate a long-standing trend of American foreign policy that may inadvertently stoke further conflicts.

A case in point is the decision to engage militarily in Yemen without Congressional consent, as PressTV reports, setting a troubling trend. This unilateral move challenges the U.S. constitutional structure and could exacerbate regional strife. The involvement in Yemen, along with the recent drone strike, demonstrates an escalating pattern of U.S. military actions in the area, which, from a libertarian view, could lead to more unwarranted involvement and American casualties.

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Moreover, coverage of the drone strike illuminates the intricate and unpredictable nature of this conflict, involving a web of factions including Iran-backed groups and the Houthis in Yemen. The Biden administration’s response to these situations has seemingly not diffused tensions but may have contributed to a climate prone to retaliation and further military operations.

Furthermore, such foreign involvements often distract from critical domestic issues, a point of significant concern for working-class Americans. As we look towards future political milestones, reflecting on the implications of these foreign policy decisions becomes essential. The recent tragic event, with its human cost, underscores the imperative for reevaluating America’s role in foreign disputes, particularly in the Middle East.

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