Andrew Tate, Tim Pool and Others Pledge to Support Elon Musk’s X as Others Abandon Ads on Platform

by | Nov 21, 2023 | News

Advertisers are withdrawing from the social media platform X due to concerns about their ads appearing alongside alleged pro-Nazi content and hate speech.

As reported by the Associated Press, major companies including IBM, NBCUniversal, and Comcast have ceased advertising on the platform. This reaction follows a report by Media Matters, which highlighted that ads from prominent brands like Apple and Oracle were found next to “antisemitic” content. Additionally, ads from Amazon, NBA Mexico, and NBCUniversal were identified alongside alleged white nationalist hashtags.

This issue poses a significant challenge to X, which relies heavily on advertising revenue, as it attempts to re-attract major advertisers.

Conservatives have come out and pledged to continue, and even raise, spending for ads on the platform, including social media figure Andrew Tate.

The current list of others who have pledged to stay and spend are the following:

-The Babylon Bee

-Tim Pool

-Benny Johnson


-The Quartering

-Donut Operator

-Elijah Schaffer

-Prager University

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