How Angela Stanton King’s Involvement in RFK Jr.’s Outreach to Black Communities Could Sway the Election

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Opinion

Angela Stanton King, the President of the American King Foundation, is currently involved in Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s outreach to Black communities. If you’re ignoring this fact, understand that her involvement could significantly impact the 2024 election, particularly if RFK Jr. is gaining support in Black and Brown communities.

Here’s How This Could Play Out

Angela Stanton King, as a figure who has been involved in advocacy and social issues relevant to Black communities, could lend credibility to RFK Jr.’s campaign. Her engagement could help bridge any gaps between RFK Jr.’s positions and the priorities of these communities. Stanton King could play a pivotal role in effectively communicating RFK Jr.’s policies and vision to Black and Brown communities. Her understanding of the issues that resonate with these demographics could lead to more targeted and effective campaign messaging.

The involvement of a well-known advocate like Stanton King could broaden RFK Jr.’s appeal, especially among voters who may feel disconnected from or skeptical of traditional political figures and parties.

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Her presence in the campaign could help mobilize voters, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented or feel disenfranchised. This could lead to higher voter turnout in these communities, which could be crucial in swing states. Stanton King’s insights into the specific concerns and needs of Black and Brown communities could enable RFK Jr.’s campaign to address these issues more directly and effectively, potentially swaying voters who prioritize these concerns.

Why RFK Jr?

Angela states:

“I’m tired of the division. And that’s why I’ve chosen to be an Independent and I love this independent space that RFK, Jr has created. It’s a space where we are all welcome. It’s a space where we can come together with our differences and find solutions. We all know where we disagree, it’s time to focus on where we agree. Common sense politics, common sense people and the common sense solutions it takes to move our country forward. Who cares if you’re white or black, democrat or Republican, gay or straight, Muslim, Christian or Jew? We’re all in America together. One nation under God. U-N-I-T-Y I’m standing with RFK, Jr because it’s time to HEAL THE DIVIDE and move our country forward.”

Depending on Stanton King’s past statements and positions, her involvement could also attract controversy, which could either energize or alienate certain voter segments. The impact of this would depend on how the campaign manages these dynamics. Her role in the campaign might shift the media narrative, especially if it highlights a strong commitment to addressing the challenges and concerns of Black and Brown communities. This could influence public perception and the overall political discourse.

A Broader Goal?

The visible engagement of Black and Brown communities by RFK Jr.’s campaign, especially with a notable figure like Stanton King, might compel other candidates to intensify their own outreach efforts to these groups. Impact Beyond the Presidential Race: This engagement could have spillover effects on down-ballot races, influencing congressional, state, and local elections, especially in areas with significant Black and Brown populations.

Angela Stanton King’s involvement in RFK Jr.’s outreach to Black communities could significantly influence his campaign’s effectiveness in these demographics. This, in turn, could impact the overall dynamics of the election, especially in key states where Black and Brown voters make up a substantial portion of the electorate.

Joe E. Collins III is a candidate for Texas State House District 70. Joe is also a Navy veteran and business owner. You can learn more at his website here.

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