As Support For Sabatini Surges, Rumors Swirl That New Dem Challenger is Forcing Incumbent Dan Webster to Consider Exiting Race

by | Jan 17, 2024 | News

Former Florida Republican state representative Anthony Sabatini has teased a new poll for his campaign in effort to earn the nomination for Florida’s 11th congressional district seat over incumbent Dan Webster.

“I’m a conservative veteran running for Congress to stop the Biden-Democrats destruction of our country,” posted Sabatini on X.

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“This week, a NEW poll shows me beating 43+ year career-politician Dan Webster.”

Sabatini also targeted Webster’s refusal to endorse term limits on elected officials, a topic which is a priority for residents of the district.

This new poll teased by Sabatini comes as insider sources in the district also claim that the addition of new Democratic challenger, Barbie Harden Hall, who entered the race for the Democratic nomination earlier this month, has caused the Webster campaign to panic.

Barbie Harden Hall, a paralegal from Mount Dora, Florida, announced her candidacy on January 9th in order to turn the traditionally Republican district blue. In her campaign announcement, Hall expressed her determination to fight for the broader government intervention in the healthcare industry more so that it intervenes already.

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Hall has deep roots in Central Florida. She is a graduate of Mount Dora Christian Academy and has lived in the region for most of her life. She married Ryan Hall in 2014, and together they have four children, including their late son, Everett. The couple also runs a business named Hall Outdoor Services.

The addition of a younger, liberal opponent in the race has caused Republican operatives in the district to worry that the 74-year-old Republican incumbent might not be able to ensure victory in the November general election should he be the nominee, risking losing Republican votes taken for granted from those who supported Sabatini’s calls for term limits, stronger border protection, and removing DEI requirements from military readiness standards.

Democrats in the district are already using his age and decades in office to mark him as an outdated and out of touch candidate, a message they’ll double down on if the race is between Hall (or any other Democrat) and Webster.

Sources within the campaign tell Amp America that advisors close to Webster are calling on him to drop out of the primary now so that Republicans can gather behind Sabatini in order to prepare for a stronger general election campaign.

In November, a poll released by U.S. Term Limits showed that 55% of respondents stated that they’d support Sabatini over Webster regarding the issue of term limits alone.

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