As Our Collective Fears Rise, Finance Expert Carol Roth Asks When ‘the Truth’ Will Prevail Because We’d All Like to Know as Well

by | Nov 1, 2023 | News

Two-time New York Times bestselling author and former investment banker, Carol Roth, has asked the question that all of us seem to be wondering— what’s going on with world events and is anyone in charge remotely giving us the full story?

“I’m tired of the gaslighting,” posted Roth to her verified X account. “First it was COVID. Then it was inflation. Now it’s around Hamas and Israel.

“When will the truth prevail, because this is is exhausting and demoralizing?”

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Respondents on X seemed to be wondering the same thing.

“The media and academia are destroying this country by detaching tens of millions of people from reality,” replied Justin Haskins, the director of the Socialism Research Center at The Heartland Institute.

“That’s the point,” replied another follower on X. “Beat us down until we’re so broken we won’t fight back. Tap out for a bit, take a break and then get back in it. We need truth tellers like you on our side.”

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This comes at a time when the average American’s trust in media has hit a “historic” low according to a recent poll by Gallup reported by Axios:

Why it matters: Trust in media had previously dropped to 32% in 2016 before rebounding slightly. Those gains have essentially been wiped out, according to the poll.

Details: Only 32% of the population reports having “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of confidence that the media reports the news in a full, fair and accurate way.

  • The only other time in recent history that trust has fallen to 32% was in 2016.

📉 In some cases, the sentiment is worse today.

  • A record-high number of Americans (39%), say they don’t trust the media at all. That number has steadily increased since 2018.

As far as the trust in our government goes, that’s not looking any better. According to Pew Research:

Public trust in the federal government, which has been low for decades, has returned to near record lows following a modest uptick in 2020 and 2021. Currently, fewer than two-in-ten Americans say they trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (1%) or “most of the time” (15%). This is among the lowest trust measures in nearly seven decades of polling. Last year, 20% said they trusted the government just about always or most of the time.

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