BNS 804: Faith, Firearms & Freedom – One Man’s Vermont Standoff

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

A Vermont man fights an intense backlash from local officials and an alleged Ku Klux Klan group after building a legal firearms training facility on his rural property, serving as a startling case study in abuse of power hiding below the surface of a supposedly progressive state.

Have you ever wondered how far local governments will go to make an example out of someone they disagree with?

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In this eye-opening episode, host Brian Nichols talks to Daniel Banyai, a Vermont resident who built a firearms training facility on his rural property, only to become the target of an intense backlash from local officials, and even an alleged local Ku Klux Klan group.

We learn how Daniel purchased 30 acres of land in rural Vermont to open a small firearms education facility for safety training and practice. Though he went through proper permitting procedures, the town did not approve of having a gun range so closeby. A few years later, Daniel faced organized opposition from not only the town but also an extremist group called the “Warren Switch Clan,” claiming to include local KKK members.

The discussion covers whether Vermont’s pro-gun reputation is accurate, why Daniel refuses to back down despite endless legal battles, and what “winning” would look like in this case. Daniel explains how he realized in 2019 that the fight had become bigger than himself, after local minority groups who had experienced discrimination reached out to him for support.

Daniel emphasizes the importance of accountability and using his upcoming documentary to shine a light on the shocking attitudes and behaviors still present in parts of Vermont. Though he may never gain acceptance locally, Daniel hopes to make an example through nonviolent means like protests and constitutional activities.

Ultimately, it’s a startling portrait of abuse of power and discrimination hiding below the surface of a supposedly progressive state. Tune in to hear the full story direct from Daniel and decide for yourself what should be done when local governments overstep in such dramatic fashion.

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