BNS 815: Teachers Packing HEAT – Crazy Idea or Common Sense?

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

Amid rising school shootings, @lauracarno & @FASTERColorado trains willing teachers and school staff in firearms and lifesaving tactics, empowering everyday education heroes to serve as armed first responders should the unthinkable occur on their watch.

Have you ever wondered if the heroes who could save students’ lives in the first critical moments of a school shooting might already be there on campus? What if the very teachers teaching our kids could also help protect them if the unthinkable happened?

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In this riveting episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nicholsinterviews Laura Carno, head of FASTER Colorado. FASTER trains school staff like teachers, janitors and nurses in firearms and emergency response so they can serve as armed first responders if a shooting breaks out. Brian and Laura have a fascinating discussion around why FASTER is so crucial for school safety in an age where response times are growing longer and attacks can unfold in seconds.

Laura shares the origins of FASTER, details what their intensive training curriculum for school staff looks like, and explains how parents and administrators can get FASTER implemented in their districts. She makes an impassioned case for why schools should guard our children at least as closely as we guard luxury goods or politicians. Brian weighs in on how solutions like FASTER empower ordinary citizens to take responsibility for protecting themselves rather than waiting helplessly for the cavalry.

If you care about keeping kids safe and bolstering Second Amendment rights, you can’t afford to miss this lively, thoughtful discussion. Tune in to hear Brian and Laura’s perspectives on everything from response times during past school shootings to how policies in Colorado have evolved when it comes to campus carry. They also touch on how parents everywhere can get involved with efforts in their own states.

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