BNS 818: Creating a Culture of Freedom – Grassroots Activism Done RIGHT

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

@PorcupineMark shares his inspiring journey to the Free State Project in New Hampshire, revealing how this growing community of liberty-minded individuals is building a culture of freedom and demonstrating the power of grassroots activism to effect real change.

Are you tired of living in a state that doesn’t align with your values of individual liberty and limited government? Have you been searching for a strong community of like-minded advocates for freedom? Look no further than the Free State of New Hampshire!

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In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols speaks withMark Warden, a long-time activist in the Free State Project. Mark shares his personal journey to embracing libertarianism and why he chose to move to New Hampshire in 2007 as part of a movement to concentrate liberty-lovers in a single state.

Discover the many paths to promoting liberty, from politics and education to entrepreneurship and leading by example. Learn how Mark successfully ran for office by focusing on local issues that matter to voters rather than abstract ideology. Hear why New Hampshire’s culture and history make it an ideal destination for those who cherish freedom.

With over 6,000 members already, the Free State Project has created a thriving community of libertarians, conservatives, and independents. From weekly meetups to major annual events like the Porcupine Freedom Festival, you’ll find a strong network of support and inspiration. Plus, New Hampshire’s low taxes and “Live Free or Die” spirit make it an attractive place to live and work.

Ready to experience the Free State for yourself? Mark and Brian encourage you to plan a visit, connect with the welcoming community, and see why so many have already made the move. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or simply seeking more personal freedom, New Hampshire offers a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger. Visit the Free State Project website to start your journey today!

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