BNS 830: The Anatomy of a False Flag – How the Media Misled America

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

@BenSwann_ unravels the hidden truths behind January 6th and Ukraine, exposing a web of media deception, covert agendas, and the high stakes of questioning official narratives in an age of information warfare.

Did you know there’s more to the story of what really happened at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021? In this explosive episode of The Brian Nichols Show, investigative journalist Ben Swann digs deep to uncover shocking facts that have been largely omitted by the mainstream media narrative.

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Ben discusses his new docu-series with Lara Logan that presents never-before-seen evidence of law enforcement’s questionable role on January 6th, including undercover agents who encouraged protesters to enter the Capitol. He also points out glaring inconsistencies, like the lack of weapons charges, despite the “armed insurrection” portrayal.

The conversation then turns to the crisis in Ukraine. Ben argues that the true motives have little to do with defending democracy, but rather setting the stage for multinational corporations to economically conquer the country. He asserts Ukraine has been saddled with unpayable debt that will leave their resources ripe for the taking.

Throughout the interview, Ben emphasizes the importance of questioning official narratives and finding the objective truth beneath the propaganda. He and Brian discuss the failure of mainstream media to hold journalists accountable for dishonest reporting that advances political agendas.

For the full, uncensored truth behind these world-shaking events, be sure to watch the complete episode with Ben Swann. And don’t forget to check out his groundbreaking docu-series “The Rest of the Story” and his upcoming release “Zelenskyy Unmasked.

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