BNS 835: The 269-269 Strategy – A Libertarian’s Bold Plan to Deny the Establishment Victory in 2024

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

Libertarian Presidential Candidate @LibertarianLars shares his bold plan to disrupt the two-party system and give a voice to disenfranchised Americans by winning key electoral votes and triggering a contingent election in 2024.

Are you tired of feeling like you have to choose between the lesser of two evils when it comes to presidential candidates? What if there was a way to disrupt the two-party system and give a voice to the majority of Americans who are fed up with the current political landscape? In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Lars Mapstead shares his bold plan to deny both the Republican and Democratic nominees the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

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Lars Mapstead, a successful entrepreneur with a rags-to-riches story, is running for president to represent the disenfranchised Americans who feel left behind by the current political system. He believes that if we continue down the divisive path of ping-ponging between red and blue, it will lead to disaster for America. Lars aims to offer more choices and voices in the political arena, appealing to voters across the political spectrum who are ready for change.

By winning electoral votes in key states like Nebraska and Maine, Lars hopes to cause a contingent election, which would send a powerful message to Washington that the American people are done with the status quo. He emphasizes the importance of returning power to regular Americans and addressing the issues that matter most to them, such as education, criminal justice reform, healthcare, and the economy.

Throughout the episode, Brian and Lars discuss the challenges faced by third-party candidates, the need for more choices on the ballot, and the potential for Libertarians to make a significant impact in the upcoming election. They also touch on the importance of voting for third-party candidates in states that are solidly red or blue, as a way to express dissatisfaction with the current political system and push for change.

If you’re ready to hear about a bold plan to shake up the 2024 presidential election and give a voice to the millions of Americans who feel left behind by the two-party system, don’t miss this engaging conversation between Brian Nichols and Lars Mapstead. To learn more about Lars‘ campaign and his policies, visit and follow him on social media @LibertarianLars.

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