BNS 836: Due Process DENIED – The Illusion of Safeguards in Red Flag Cases & the Realities Women Face

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

In this episode, @thereal_SnS exposes the shocking truth about how red flag laws, meant to protect, can be weaponized against women, particularly domestic violence survivors, leaving them vulnerable and unable to defend themselves.

Could red flag laws be putting women’s lives at risk? Discover the shocking truth about how these “well-intentioned laws” can backfire, leaving domestic violence survivors vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. In this eye-opening episode of The Brian Nichols Show, guest Kerry Slone, founder of We The Female, exposes the unintended consequences of red flag laws and how they disproportionately impact women who need protection the most.

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Kerry shares personal stories and startling statistics that shed light on the harsh reality faced by many women who find themselves disarmed and vulnerable when red flag laws are abused. She also exposes the flaws in the due process protections that are supposed to be in place, revealing how easily these safeguards can be circumvented.

Throughout the conversation, Brian and Kerry explore the importance of empowering women through education and self-defense, emphasizing thatgun rights are indeed women’s rights. They discuss the need for a shift in the conversation surrounding firearms and the Second Amendment, focusing on how to effectively communicate with and engage women on these crucial issues.

Kerry also shares her insights on the problematic aspects of gun culture, stressing the importance of responsible and discreet carry. She argues that the average woman is more concerned with protecting herself and her loved ones than engaging in the “shall not be infringed” debate, underscoring the need for a tailored approach when discussing firearms with women.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking and informative discussion that challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding red flag laws and highlights the urgent need for change. Tune in to learn how you can help support organizations like We The Female in their mission to arm women with the education, confidence, and tools they need to defend themselves and their families.

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