BNS 844: Colorado at a Crossroads – Is a Democratic Socialist Takeover Looming?

by | May 7, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

@Joe_DiBiasio raises the alarm about the growing influence of Democratic Socialists in Colorado politics and discusses how libertarians can work with Democrats and Republicans to protect individual freedoms and bring about change from the ground up.

Is Colorado turning into a Democratic socialist stronghold? In this eye-opening episode of The Brian Nichols Show, guest Joe Dibiasio raises the alarm about the troubling political shift happening in the Centennial State. Could the growing influence of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in Colorado’s General Assembly spell trouble for individual liberties and freedoms?

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Brian and Joe dive deep into the concerning trend of DSA members being appointed to fill vacancies left by Democrats in Colorado’s legislature. They discuss how these far-left politicians are targeting individual rights and pushing their agenda through key committees. Joe also shares his perspective as the vice president of a metro district in Aurora, Colorado, where he has witnessed firsthand the populist mix of mindsets among Democrats and Republicans in his community.

Despite the challenges, Joe remains optimistic about the potential for collaboration between libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans who share common ground on individual liberties. He highlights the importance of local involvement, such as running for positions on special district boards, to effect change from the ground up. Joe also shares his success story of being appointed to his local metro district board and working to lower property taxes for his community.

Throughout the episode, Brian and Joe explore the root causes of political polarization and discuss potential solutions to bridge the divide. They emphasize the need for open dialogue, finding common ground, and focusing on issues that matter to people rather than political labels. Joe stresses the importance of getting involved in local politics and bringing fresh ideas to the table, even if it means taking risks and challenging the status quo.

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