BNS 853: What Does “Woke” Actually Mean? – The Truth Behind the Buzzword

by | May 28, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

@JoeGulesserian breaks down the true meaning of “woke” and its far-reaching implications, from its denial of rationalization and empiricism to its financial impact on businesses, the economy, and America’s global competitiveness.

Are you tired of hearing the term “woke” thrown around without a clear definition? In this eye-opening episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols sits down with returning guest Joe Gulesserian to dissect the true meaning of “woke” and its far-reaching implications. What exactly does it mean to be “woke,” and how is it affecting our society, economy, and businesses?

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Joe Gulesserian breaks down his quintessential definition of “woke,” describing it as a denial of rationalization, an abdication of empiricism, hysteria being passed off as virtue, and a perpetual emotional hallucination. Together, Brian and Joe explore how this mindset is infiltrating corporations, influencing hiring practices, and ultimately impacting America’s competitive edge on the global stage.

The conversation delves into the financial implications of “woke” policies, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Joe explains how these practices can lead to reduced productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, ultimately contributing to inflation and hurting consumers. Brian and Joe also discuss the role of government in promoting “woke” agendas and the dangers of corporations aligning with political narratives.

Throughout the episode, Brian and Joe provide eye-opening examples of how “woke” ideology is manifesting in various industries, from the automotive sector to health and beauty care. They shed light on the strategies employed by those pushing the “woke” agenda, including the breakdown of family structures and the promotion of government dependence.

As the conversation draws to a close, Brian and Joe offer practical advice for consumers looking to push back against the “woke” tide. They emphasize the importance of holding corporations accountable through shareholder activism and supporting local, merit-based businesses. This thought-provoking episode of The Brian Nichols Show is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the true nature of “woke” culture and its impact on our society!

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