BNS 865: How Progressive Policies Hurt the Poor

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

@BenjaminAyanian explains how progressive economic policies often harm society’s most vulnerable by misdiagnosing problems and creating detrimental unintended consequences.

Are progressive economic policies truly helping society’s most vulnerable, or are they causing more harm than good? In this eye-opening episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian sits down with Ben Ayanian, a contributor at Young Voices and author of the compelling new book, “Beyond Intentions: How Progressive Economic Policy Initiatives Would Harm Society’s Most Vulnerable.” What if the minimum wage, free college tuition, and universal healthcare are actually hurting the very people they’re meant to help?

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Ayanian dives deep into the unintended consequences of well-meaning policies, revealing how government intervention often exacerbates the problems it aims to solve. From the surprising racist origins of minimum wage laws to the real reasons behind skyrocketing college tuition costs, this episode uncovers the hidden truths behind today’s most pressing economic issues.

The discussion takes an unexpected turn as Ayanian explains why healthcare isn’t a “right” in the traditional sense and how the current system’s incentives drive up costs for everyone. Learn about the “third-party payer problem” and why simply making healthcare “free” could lead to longer wait times and reduced quality of care.

Brian and Ben explore the power of incentives, using a fascinating example from Google’s employee cafeteria to illustrate how small changes can lead to significant behavioral shifts. This real-world application of economic principles demonstrates the importance of looking beyond surface-level solutions to complex problems.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation that challenges listeners to think critically about economic policy and its real-world impacts. Whether you’re a staunch progressive, a committed libertarian, or somewhere in between, this episode of The Brian Nichols Show will leave you questioning your assumptions and eager to learn more about the true effects of economic interventions.

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