BNS 866: Why Are Public Schools Getting More Money But Worse Results?

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Opinion, Watch

Explore why increased education funding isn’t improving student outcomes, challenging listeners to reconsider how we structure and fund our schools to truly benefit teachers and students.

Is our education system failing our teachers and students? In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols sits down with Shannon Hazel, an educator and author of “New Teacher Confidential,” to explore the complex issues plaguing our schools. From funding disparities to bureaucratic bloat, this conversation pulls back the curtain on why increased spending isn’t translating to better outcomes for our children.

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Shannon Hazel brings her 25 years of teaching experience to the table, offering unique insights into the challenges faced by educators on the front lines. She discusses the importance of directing resources to classrooms and teachers rather than administrative overhead. Brian presents shocking data on educational spending trends, sparking a thought-provoking debate on the effectiveness of our current system.

The conversation takes a turn as Brian introduces the concept of school choice, challenging Shannon’s perspective on educational funding models. They explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of allowing parents more control over their children’s education, diving into the complexities of implementing such a system.

Brian and Shannon tackle controversial topics head-on, including the role of teacher unions in education policy and political contributions. Despite their disagreements, the discussion remains respectful and focused on finding common ground. This episode serves as a prime example of how productive dialogue can lead to better understanding and potential solutions.

Viewers will come away from this episode with a deeper appreciation for the complexities of education reform. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, orconcerned citizen, this conversation offers valuable insights into the challenges facing our schools and potential paths forward. Don’t miss this engaging and informative discussion that could change the way you think about education in America.

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