Can New York City be Saved From Itself? Larry Sharpe Thinks So

by | Feb 22, 2024 | News

Is New York City and deep blue cities and states broadly set on a course for disaster with no hope of turning things back a notch? This was the big question on an episode of this week’s Timcast IRL which resulted in liberty activist and businessman Larry Sharpe to text one of the panelists, political strategist Cliff Maloney, live during the show.

On the topic of New York City specifically, which has been hit with some of the worst migrant waves in the country on top of already piles of post-2020 lockdown progressive politics and laws resulting in a mass exodus of residents from the city and throughout the state, the panel begged the question as to whether there was any hope left or not for one of America’s once-great cities.

“Do you really think New York City is savable?” Maloney asked.

“Yes, because that’s where Wall Street is,” responded panelist.

Maloney was asked to clarify what he meant by asking whether the city was “savable”.

“I guess what I’m saying is, is it worth the fight? Is this worth it? Is it a [case] where the pendulum swings back three years from now and the people have been fed up, they’ve had enough, y’know, we need to fix this? Or does this take 20 years. And if I’m the guy in New York City right, I’m getting out.

“I just think get out, go to a red state, go somewhere you can build something. And I just think that, who wants to wait around, they’re not coming in our direction. Look at this stuff, they’re going in the opposite direction towards insanity. So it’s not even like we’re in a pause and its like ‘where do we go from here?’ There’s a new story everyday about the crazy stuff that they’re doing. So I just don’t think its worth the fight.”

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Maloney later posed the question which was brought up earlier as to whether or not real positive change could occur or if we’d have to have a broader discussion on a national divorce.

Maloney posted the clip and tagged in former Libertarian Party candidate for president (2016) and governor of New York (2018), Larry Sharpe on X to see whether the on-the-ground political activist felt there was still a way to hold out hope for the Big Apple.

“Serious question: is New York worth saving? @LarrySharpe texted me LIVE saying ‘yes'” posted Maloney.

“Yep! I’m the crazy one, on the front lines trying to save my city…” responded Sharpe.

A City Spiraling

In a comprehensive piece by The Washington Times, New York City’s escalating crime wave is attributed to the influx of immigrants, particularly those with gang affiliations, against the backdrop of the city’s status as a deportation-free “sanctuary city.” The city has seen a significant rise in violent crimes, including shootings in Times Square, assaults on police officers, and moped-assisted thefts, with authorities linking these activities to Latin American street gangs involved in various criminal enterprises. New York City Council member Vickie Paladino points to Venezuelan migrants, some associated with the Tren de Aragua gang, as a significant concern for public safety.

Federal immigration agents recently arrested individuals with connections to Venezuela’s largest crime syndicate, highlighting the complex challenges faced by local law enforcement. The narrative extends beyond gang members, with incidents involving non-affiliated Venezuelan migrants contributing to the city’s security woes. Amid these developments, local lawmakers and federal officials are at odds over policies and strategies to combat the surge in crime linked to the recent migrant influx, attributed by critics to the Biden administration’s border policies.

So let’s ask you reader, do you think NYC can be saved? Or is it a sign of where the rest of the country will be dragged soon? Let us know on X at @AmpAmericaNews.

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