Check Out These Awesome Moments From TPUSA’s AmericaFest 2023 so Far

by | Dec 18, 2023 | News

AmericaFest, hosted by Turning Point, kicked off this weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. This unique four-day gathering has promised to be an enriching experience, offering attendees the opportunity to engage with numerous conservative leaders, influencers, and activists from across the nation.

Participants attending have the chance to network with thousands of individuals who share similar ideals, alongside over 50 partnering organizations fighting to correct the course our country is on. The event also features two nights of concerts showcasing some of the top artists in the country, all in celebration of America’s unparalleled spirit.

Attendees often leave these Turning Point events reinvigorated, ready to bring new energy and insights back to their campuses and communities. This year’s event only a few days in has already seemed to have delivered on that! Check out some of these moments from the first couple days.

Vivek Calls Out Van Jones and the Mainstream Media

The Opposite of Fear is Faith

Glenn Beck Has a F***ing Sword

Nobody Does it Better

Don Jr. Points Out The Clear Facts

Riley Gaines Values the Truth Over Lies

Think National, Start Local

This Liberty Leader is Promising Something HUGE…


AmericaFest is more than just a gathering; it’s a pivotal opportunity for personal growth. Do you have any stories, photos, or clips you want us to share? Tag us on X at AmpAmericaNews.

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