Cliff Maloney Calls Out Democrats Use of Lawfare: The Second You Give the Left an Inch ‘You’re Not Getting Anything’

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Opinion

During a recent appearance on the YouTube series Timcast IRL hosted by journalist Tim Pool, door knocking guru and political strategist Cliff Maloney called out the left’s use of lawfare in their efforts to halt Donald Trump’s continued campaign momentum through the use of politically motivated judges, lawyers, and other Biden appointees using numerous lawsuits to tie up the frontrunner legally and financially.

Maloney pointed out broadly the left’s coordinated efforts across various political battles across the country and how they weaponize the legal system in order to stop or discredit conservative efforts.

“If you have attorneys, the battles blown up… the attorneys come in, it’s all legalese, right?” Maloney commented. “I’ve been through some of these battles. When it becomes politicized in the court room, you better have attorneys who understand that you cannot apologize.

“They’re obviously trying to make an example of you. So if you don’t have attorneys who are ready to go to war; if you don’t have people who are like really ready to dig in and realize this is political, you’re working with the wrong team.”

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Democrats Sure Love Lawfare

The recent legal actions against former President Donald Trump in New York City, Fulton County, Georgia, and Washington, D.C., highlight a deepening concern over the politicization of the legal system and its implications for the rule of law in the United States. Rick Manning, writing for The Ceres Courier, outlined how these cases, particularly in New York and Georgia, demonstrate a departure from the principles of equal protection under the law and raise questions about the impartiality of justice.

In New York, Trump faces a staggering $355 million judgment for allegedly inflating property values to obtain bank loans, a decision that some analysts argue could total $463 million with interest. This fine, Manning argues, not only violates the Eighth and 14th amendments due to its excessiveness but also undermines the economic foundation of equal protection under the law, especially since the banks involved testified they were fully repaid and suffered no fraud.

The situation in Fulton County, Georgia, further complicates the landscape. The district attorney is using state RICO laws, typically reserved for organized crime, against Trump and his attorneys for challenging the 2020 election results. This application of law threatens the very ability of candidates and their legal teams to contest election outcomes without facing severe personal and financial repercussions.

Manning criticizes the overt politicization of legal proceedings against Trump, suggesting that these actions reflect a broader issue of legal and political bias that could have lasting impacts on American jurisprudence. He warns that when legal actions are driven by political animosity rather than evidence, it undermines the trust in the legal system and the concept of justice being blind to political affiliation.

These cases, according to Manning, signal a troubling trend where political prosecutors leverage their offices to pursue vendettas against political opponents, a practice that could lead to a fragmented and deeply politicized legal system. Manning’s commentary underscores the need for a reevaluation of how the law is applied in politically charged cases, suggesting that the current trajectory could lead to a loss of faith in the legal system and the principles it is supposed to uphold

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