Climate Change Protesters Storm at Final Hole of PGA Tour’s Travelers Championship

by | Jun 26, 2024 | News

The PGA Tour’s Travelers Championship did not come to a peaceful end as climate protesters stormed the green on the 18th hole.

The chaotic event took place in Cromwell, Connecticut, on Sunday, where the final hole was delayed due to a powdery substance disturbing the ground. It was obvious the group was protesting about climate change, as their shirts read, “No golf on a dead planet.” The activists are known as the Extinction Rebellion.

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Security swiftly dealt with the issue at hand, allowing the final group to conclude the hole. United States’ Scottie Scheffler walked away victorious with a score of -22, defeating South Korea’s Tom Kim in a playoff.

“You don’t really know what is going on, you don’t really understand the situation,” Scheffler said in an interview with CBS Sports. “There’s people running around everywhere and you don’t really know what’s going to happen.”

The group was accused of counts of criminal mischief, trespass in the first degree, and breach of Peace, according to the Cromwell Police Department. Each person was released on a bond of $5,000 and is due in court on July 1. Fans at the event were incredibly frustrated by the acts, as boos and yelling poured in from the crowd.

Extinction Rebellion, the group at hand, has the following description on their website:

“Life on Earth is in crisis. Our climate is changing faster than scientists predicted, and the stakes are high. Biodiversity loss. Crop failure. Social and ecological collapse. Mass extinction. We are running out of time, and our governments have failed to act. Extinction Rebellion was formed to fix this.”

They are known for their rather obnoxious tactics of exposure. Its members have made international headlines in the past for reasons including sticking themselves to a famous painting, pouring dye into Venice’s Grand Canal, and putting fake blood on buildings.

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