CPR: Capitalists Please Rise

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Opinion

Guest post by John Kennedy

For 263 years, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, better know as CPR, has been a medical technique that saves lives. It was first used in France saving drowning victims.

Is it time to use CPR to save America?

I believe it is, but today the victim wouldn’t be a swimmer in trouble, it’s the American Constitution. And the person who needs to step up and perform CPR is a huge group of risk takers. I’m talking about the freedom loving Americans who create American jobs all across this country. I’m referring to your local small business owners and their employees all across America.

We still call them Capitalists. Most know them as entrepreneurs. Liberals and far left woke wonks refer to them as One Percenters. But they really have become the real silent majority.

“Capitalists Please Rise”… another version of CPR has been borrowed to ring the alarm to summon YOU to Action.

And don’t be fooled. Capitalists built America. We can rise up again and take this Country back from the maniacs.

The hope is by Nov 5th, 2024 when voters pick our next President they will learn to fight and speak as one voice.

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I doubt they have recognized they share a common opponent and a common goal. They have one today a double headed beast consisting of government unions and professional politicians, a recipe for disaster. 

The last time I noticed these small employers with less than 70 employees still create about 70 percent of all the jobs, And equal percentage in tax revenue to run our local, state, and federal government.

The American Capitalist would be one powerful bunch IF they assemble as ONE voice like “ Moms For Liberty” that has burst onto the national scene to protect America’s children from woke indoctrination. 

America needs a CPR procedure right now. 

It will save America and our free market capitalist system we’ve enjoyed since the founding  fathers created this free nation 243 years ago.

I want to be clear: it’s not Wall Street or Corporate America I’m talking about.

It’s about the local plumber, shop owner, or grocery store, and their employees down the street or around the corner in your neighborhood and scattered around your hometown.

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It could be your personal accountant, the HVAC contractor and wherever you go for your favorite local burger.

Imagine packaging up all this individual citizen power where overnight a torch of American spirit would refocus their efforts to help save America and our free market capitalist way of life. 

In other words: we need to get back to the basics. The founding principles of American civics must be restored. And Capitalists are the ones to do it.

I’m reminded of the conditions in the thirteen colonies prior to the Revolutionary War when Ben Franklin uttered “…we see swarms of British Officers, harassing our people, and eating out their substance.”

Sound familiar today?

As a former employer, retired state legislator, father, and concerned citizen, I’m suggesting CPR because there may not be any “mulligans” on the morning of November 6, 2024… the day after our national election next fall.

Yes, in the past we’ve relied on other free market capitalist centric groups to win elections like your local Chamber of Commerce, or the National Federation Of Independent Business NFIB. But right now today we need every American signing weekly paychecks to embrace their associates and usher them toward the voting booth on November 5th next fall to save what we all treasure: America’s basic freedoms.

Over the past half century It wasn’t hard to notice an acute absence of employers running, winning, and serving on school boards, city council, state legislature, or Congress .

Why is this?

For some it’s a generational problem where parents warned the younger generation to stay away from politics and politicians. They were told it’s corrupt.

Since we’ve pushed good, decent people from running… we’ve created a political class of career politicians. Individuals who run for all of the wrong reasons: huge tax payer retirement pensions, lifetime health insurance, and the egotistical allure of being called “the honorable”. 

Today it doesn’t matter if you inherited a family business, purchased one, or traveled the warrior route and founded your own enterprise.

You, your employees, and the free market capitalist system including our American life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness may be in serious jeopardy without a smashing conservative victory next November.

The non-government and non-public company employees depend on their company leaders to maintain full employment.  You belong to an enormously powerful productive group… the life line of our American economy. 

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are 33 million private sector employers with 129 million employees… talk about power in numbers.

You, the person reading this. I’m talking to you. 

You possess the power to help save our country.

We must immediately work to reset our nation in a positive direction by simply applying the same disciplines used to build and maintain strong vibrant companies. The principles instilled in free markey capitalism.

Let’s agree American entrepreneurs, capitalists, and employers had a great run for nearly eight decades. America’s standard of living improved while enormous personal wealth accrued beyond our wildest imagination.

CPR to most is about saving lives and it has.  By applying civic CPR to the most productive and accountable Americans who build things, manufacture products, fuel government with tax revenue is a wake up call.

CPR is a message of inspiring even ONE reader to say what can I do to help bring civics back to the table in America.

This message is to the American capitalist. I’m asking you to rise with me. That’s my intention of calling for CPR here in the United States. 

The battle will not be won without a fight. And I’m asking the toughest Americans, the risk takers, who work tirelessly to make payroll, to step up and work with me to save America.

On November 6, I fully expect to wake up with a smile on my face and know that the work we’ve done to defeat the woke left and restore free market capitalism in America. My parting question: will you rise with me to make it happen?

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John Kennedy is an entrepreneur, capitalist, former Pennsylvania legislator, and the Senior Advisor to Citizens Alliance of America. He can be reached at john.kennedy@engageCAA.org.

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