Dear Feminists: Argentina’s Government is Not a Replacement For Your Absent Fathers

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Opinion

Oh, the melodrama! This recent article bemoaning the actions of Javier Milei’s government is a classic example of missing the forest for the trees. Let’s cut through the thick underbrush of emotional rhetoric and look at the facts with the clear, rational eyes of a pro-life libertarian.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room: the closure of the ministry of women, gender, and diversity. Contrary to the apocalyptic visions painted by the article, this move isn’t a misogynistic step back into the dark ages. It’s a pragmatic, libertarian approach to governance. Why maintain a bloated bureaucracy when the same goals can be pursued more efficiently?

Cutting down on governmental overreach isn’t attacking social justice; it’s streamlining the process to achieve it.

Regarding the contentious issue of abortion, it’s crucial to remember that being pro-life is not an assault on women’s rights. It’s about protecting the rights of all humans, born and unborn. Milei’s stance is a bold move in a world that often forgets the value of every human life. It’s not about controlling women; it’s about acknowledging and respecting the sanctity of life at all stages.The article ties Milei’s actions to a supposed attack on feminism. But let’s be real – feminism isn’t a fragile flower that wilts at the slightest challenge. True feminism is robust, capable of thriving without the crutch of government support. The closure of a government ministry doesn’t silence the voices of millions of women. Instead, it challenges feminism to evolve, to find new, innovative ways to promote gender equality. Government isn’t a support system for women with daddy issues, it’s an organization authorized for the use of force to protect natural rights. Do I need to explain what rights are?

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Furthermore, the article’s comparison of Milei’s government to neo-fascism is laughably hyperbolic. Reducing government size and influence is a far cry from the authoritarianism inherent in fascist regimes. Libertarianism, by its very nature, promotes individual freedom – the antithesis of fascism As for the impact on Latin American women, let’s not infantilize an entire region. Latin American women are strong, resourceful, and more than capable of advocating for their rights without the helping hand of a paternalistic state. The Ni Una Menos movement and others like it didn’t arise because of government initiatives; they came from the grassroots, a testament to the power of collective action outside government influence.

First, to Myriam Bregman, whose concern about a “patriarchal reaction” seemed to miss the mark by a wide margin. Milei’s victory isn’t a patriarchal power play; it’s a statement by the populace against ineffective governance. With inflation at 200%, it’s less about gender politics and more about economic survival. Sorry, Myriam, but when the wallet is empty, ideological debates take a back seat.

To Ayelen Mazzina’s melodramatic question, “Where would these women ask for help? Where would they knock on the door?” – perhaps the answer is simpler than a government office. How about empowering women to knock on the doors of opportunity, not dependency? Milei’s move to close the women’s ministry isn’t a dismissal of women’s issues; it’s a call to address them more effectively, beyond bureaucratic labyrinths.

Eugenia Rolon hit the nail on the head. Women in power should be there on merit, not because of a quota. This isn’t an anti-women stance; it’s pro-competence. Milei’s not trying to put women back in the kitchen; he’s inviting them to stand on their own two feet, in the boardroom or wherever they choose, based on their abilities.

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And to Nelly Borquez, who fears a reversal of rights, remember this: rights are not given by governments but inherent to individuals. Milei’s win is not about reversing rights but about reinforcing the idea that rights come with personal responsibilities.

For the critics crying foul over gender violence and wage gaps, remember that these are societal issues requiring cultural shifts, not just governmental interventions. Milei’s approach is about tackling these issues at their roots, not just plastering over them with policy band-aids.Finally, to Valentina Brites, your point is well taken.

Women are already empowered, and laws do exist to protect them. A separate ministry for women isn’t the beacon of empowerment; it’s the opposite, an acknowledgement of your personal weaknesses that must be shored up by your inability to solve your own problems and to slough them off on the community without the courage to ask others for help directly. Milei’s victory isn’t a setback for women or a triumph for patriarchy. It’s a call for practical, effective solutions over symbolic gestures. It’s about empowering individuals, not entrenching bureaucracies. So, let’s step out of the echo chamber of fear-mongering and see how Milei’s government can bring about real, positive change for all Argentinians.

Austin Petersen is a former Libertarian presidential candidate turned Republican and the host of the Wake Up America show every Monday-Friday from 7-9am central which you can stream live on Rumble, or listen to on Spotify or iTunes. He resides in Jefferson City, Missouri with his wife Stephanie and their two presidential French Bulldogs, Calvin and George.

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