Door Knocking Guru Cliff Maloney is Taking Action and Showing the GOP Ballot Chasing Done Right

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Opinion

In a strategic pivot aimed at bolstering Republican mail-in voting results for the 2024 elections in Pennsylvania, Cliff Maloney, CEO of Citizens Alliance, launched a groundbreaking initiative known as “Pennsylvania Chase” in the fall of last year. This effort seeks to directly counteract the Democratic Party’s recent successes in early voting by deploying door-to-door campaigns to engage likely Republican voters.

Maloney, a seasoned political strategist, is spearheading this campaign with the goal of reaching 500,000 homes across Pennsylvania. This move comes in response to the Republican Party’s struggles to keep pace with Democrats’ mail-in voting strategies, which have seen significant successes in recent election cycles.

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The initiative is a clear reaction to the observable trend where Democrats have outperformed Republicans in the pre-Election Day voting phase, notably in mail-in ballots. In 2022, Republicans garnered a mere 33.8 percent of early votes, with an even lower percentage in strictly mail-in ballots. This gap in early voting has placed Republicans at a disadvantage, prompting Maloney’s proactive approach.

Ballot chasing, distinct from “ballot harvesting” and “ballot curing,” involves targeted outreach to likely low-propensity mail-in voters and some registered independents. It’s a sophisticated operation that leverages data to identify and make contact with these voters, ensuring they cast their ballots ahead of Election Day. This strategy has become increasingly vital as more states, including Pennsylvania, have adopted no-excuse absentee voting, thereby expanding the pool of early voters.

According to a recent interview Maloney did with, the significance of his efforts extends beyond mere voter outreach; it represents a strategic shift in Republican electioneering tactics.

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Traditionally, the GOP has emphasized encouraging voters to cast their ballots in person on Election Day. However, the changing dynamics of American elections, highlighted by the dramatic increase in mail-in voting, necessitate a new approach.

Maloney’s “Pennsylvania Chase” aims to level the playing field by enhancing Republican presence in early voting phases, thereby mitigating the Democrats’ pre-Election Day advantage.

Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Maloney’s initiative could have profound implications for Republican prospects in Pennsylvania, a pivotal battleground state. In closely contested races, the margins achieved through early voting can be decisive. By increasing Republican participation in mail-in voting, Maloney seeks to close the gap observed in recent elections, where Democrats have significantly outpaced Republicans in mail-in ballots.

For example, in the 2023 Pennsylvania Supreme Court race, Democrat Dan McCaffery’s victory was bolstered by a strong performance in mail-in voting, a pattern observed in other key races. Recognizing this, Maloney posits that achieving a 33% share of mail-in ballots for Republicans could dramatically alter the electoral outcome in favor of the GOP.

As the 2024 election approaches, the “Pennsylvania Chase” initiative underscores the evolving nature of electoral strategies in the digital age. By embracing ballot chasing, Republicans hope to not only counteract Democratic advances in early voting but also to set a new standard for campaign tactics in the highly competitive arena of American politics.

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