Elon Musk Challenges EU’s Disinformation Claims on Twitter/X, Seeks Specifics

by | Oct 12, 2023 | News

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton has accused the platform X, still often referred to as Twitter or Twitter/X, allegedly owned by Elon Musk, of propagating disinformation, particularly concerning the ongoing Gaza situation. In a letter to Musk, Breton demanded a “prompt, accurate, and complete response” to be delivered to “relevant law enforcement agencies” within 24 hours, citing the EU’s new Digital Services Act aimed at curbing online disinformation.

Breton pointed out instances of misleading content, including repurposed images of unrelated armed conflicts and military footage from video games circulating on the platform. He warned Musk of potential penalties including fines amounting to 6% of the platform’s revenues from the EU, and even a block on the platform’s operations within the EU, as reported by The Guardian.

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Musk responded to the allegations by challenging Breton to provide specific details on the claimed disinformation, emphasizing the global significance of Twitter/X as a center of public discourse. Musk’s request for detailed evidence of violations underscores a call for transparency in the EU’s allegations.

The interaction between Musk and Breton highlights the tension between tech magnates and regulatory authorities, especially in the realm of online content moderation and disinformation. This event underscores the broader debate on the extent of regulatory oversight on global digital platforms, the responsibility of platform owners in combating disinformation, and the potential implications on free discourse.

Amid the regulatory pressures, Musk advocates for a more open discussion on the alleged violations, inviting a public examination of the claims made by the EU. This story sheds light on the ongoing discourse surrounding digital platform regulation, the battle against online disinformation, and the delicate balance between oversight and the freedom of online expression.

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