EXCLUSIVE: How One Redheaded Libertarian Broke the Woke Right

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Opinion

The social media platform X was ablaze over the Christmas holiday due to a calendar published by beer company Conservative Dad.  The calendar titled “Real Women of America” features the most beautiful conservative women in America and features a bikini clad Riley Gaines on the front cover. Per the website, the company will be donating 10% of sales to the Riley Gaines Center to protect women’s sports from extreme leftist ideology seeking to destroy real women.  

I personally had not heard any publicity about this calendar before it’s release, but thankfully the controversy around it brought it to my attention. Former MAGA rapper Bryson Gray went as far as to call the calendar demonic in a post on X on Christmas Eve. 

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It appears as if “Conservative” journalist and former Miss New Jersey Sameera Khan was the first to take issue with the photo. Khan herself surely modeled in while wearing much more revealing clothing. 

The criticisms of the calendar, and Josie specifically went on for days fueled by the grifters of the right. In fact Khan held a long Xs space titled “Allegedly Attractive Women Do A Calendar – Demonic”

As the holiday drug on, both Khan and Gray continued to post and repost each other, even attacking the political beliefs of Josie.

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People are certainly entitled to their own opinions, and I believe strongly in absolute free speech, but Gray and Khan’s actions rapidly became borderline obsessive. It appears through some of Gray’s words, he took issue with the cross that was hanging in the background of the photo. I have verified through Josie’s Instagram photos that this cross was not used a prop. This is simply an item which she displays in her kitchen.   

Astonished by the intensity and duration of this controversy I reached out to Josie directly and she provided the following quote:

I was born and raised Catholic. I have a cross in every room in my home and wear one around my neck. I attend mass and participate in the sacraments. When invited to shoot the Calendar, I was given the option to model a bikini, but opted for something timeless, traditional, and reminiscent of the 1950s, and as an award winning pie baker, and connoisseur of that era, the 1950s housewife seemed to be the most appropriate and befitting of who I am. My photo was tastefully done. It was exactly what we envisioned. I am really proud of it. The goalposts have moved to many times, that I’m not sure where to start— but there were two marathon X spaces hosted by massive accounts on Christmas Eve that targeted me specifically. One by Bryson CCG and the other by Sameerah Khan, whose X account that day was a shrine to me specifically. Bryson is the one who used the word demonic, towards my picture. and attacked the “Christian elements in the calendar” and “women causing men to lust.” Mine was the only page with a Christian element. When he found out my page was the only one like that, instead of apologizing he doubled down. Deadly sin of Pride. Matthew 18:9 would encourage him to gouge his eyes out if he felt lustful. Sameerah’s space was actually titled “allegedly attractive women do a calendar- DEMONIC”. Deadly sin of Envy. Women like Sameerah are a dime a dozen. I gave her no attention. But this is all fringe. Countless people saw right through these grifters and flocked to my defense, Seth’s defense, and so many bought a calendar. The support has been tremendous. I am so loved by so many. And appreciate them all so much. Beautiful memes were born. Demonic Calendar and Pie Harem were christened. The woke right was finally exposed for what they are. The best kind of scandal is a hilariously stupid one.”

While entertaining and hilarious on the surface this “scandal” perfectly displays 2 broader problems with conservatives. The first issue that I see is that there are far too many grifters on the right who would use whatever means of attack to grow their own brand. They don’t care about the cause, but they do care about personal gain.  

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It is worth noting that Bryson Gray created much of his current image due to his open support of President Trump.  He now claims to no longer support Trump, as he says that “Trump isn’t Biblical enough for him”. Has Bryson Gray now shifted to grifting off of his Christianity?  He championed Trump to a wide audience and no longer supports that cause. Will he have another shift in opinions? When did Bryson Gray anoint himself as the arbiter of purity?

Have conservatives gotten so focused on being anti-woke that they have in turn become woke? I saw Josie’s photo for what is was.  I viewed the photo with the same intent that she took the photo. I saw an elegant, traditional woman doing something she enjoys. Why have Conservatives spoken so loudly about a calendar for a good cause now for days, yet their passion for election integrity waned rapidly?  

To put it bluntly, Conservatives lose because it’s simply easier to show faux outrage over a classic and wholesome photo than it is to do the heavy lifting of the things that will actually save the Republic.

I would encourage anyone who calls themselves a Conservative to do some serious soul searching if they are offended by this photo. Will a photo of a modestly dressed attractive woman baking a pie have the same effect on your life as the 147 Republican members of Congress that sold you out by extending FISA? Where was this energy for something that truly mattered?

Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America 2024 Calendar

After thoroughly enjoying this ‘controversy” for 3 days, I can only hope that Conservative Dad’s CEO Seth Weathers makes this calendar an annual tradition. I also hope that Josie continues to bake her award wining pies.

My response to Bryson Gray and anyone else accusing either Weathers or Josie of causing men to lust is simple. It is conservative to acknowledge a woman’s beauty and femininity for what it is. If the photo caused you to lust that is a “you” problem.  

Conservatives will never win as long as we continue to attack those who are brave enough to step out and try and make a difference on things that really matter.  

Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America Calendar may be purchased here.

Follow Tim Sharp on X at @realtimsharp.

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