EXCLUSIVE: Woman Accuses Several High Profile Politicians, Including Senator Bernie Sanders, of Participating in Sexual Assaults Against Minors

by | Apr 24, 2024 | News

After posts to the social media platform X/Twitter by an individual with the handle @CTSurvivor17 began to circulate accusing a high profile politician and former US presidential candidate of having committed serious sexually related offenses against a minor, attention regarding the claims began to pick up when investigative journalist James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group reposted them, amplifying the accusations.

I reached out to the account whom the claims originated from. @CTSurvivor17 is a woman by the name of Jennifer Guskin. Guskin spoke exclusively to me regarding her story.

The post by Guskin was in response to a clip posted by O’Keefe of journalist Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Joe Rogan, in which Carlson stated that US intelligence agencies held blackmail over sitting politicians in order to force them to push through or push against certain policies that advanced or protected their interests.

“When I was a child, I was brought into a basement to be… violated,” Guskin’s response to O’Keefe’s post began. “While I was being raped, a man was dragged downstairs, and was told to rape a boy that was bent over in front of him, or they would the man and his family, who were lined up along a wall, where there was also a man behind a camera on a tripod.” 

Guskin continued, stating that “Someone else came up to him, and told him ‘If you don’t do it, they will kill your family, and nothing can undo that, but if you do it, it’ll be fine, because that boy is used to it, and no one has to die’ To date, that’s the hardest I’ve ever seen a grown man cry.

“That man is currently sitting in Congress.”

Guskin stated that this blackmail tactic was intentionally used as a control mechanism to manipulate those at “the upper echelons of society.”

“The question is if someone ‘Did the deed’ with a smile on their face because they knew their fortunes would improve,” she added, “or if they did it with a tear in their eye because they didn’t want to hurt the child.”

“The only way we will be able to expose it is if the blackmailed and the children come together to name those who forced us,” she concluded.

During a 40-minute long phone interview with Guskin, she began to provide additional context to her allegations. 

According to Guskin, she was adopted as an infant and grew up in Long Island, NY. She states that as a child, her adoptive parents trafficked her throughout the region, in which she was sexually assaulted by adults routinely. This was apparently done so for monetary reasons, since her adoptive father, who was allegedly a former McKinsey & Company employee who was sentenced to prison for embezzlement, struggled financially to support his family upon his release.

Guskin claims that as she was sex trafficked, her adoptive parents would either invite people into their home to commit the alleged sex acts, or she would be taken to “parties” outside her home. She alleges that many of the abusers were referred to as “aunt” or “uncle” in order to create a sense of familiarity.

Guskin also stated for the record that she suffers from a fragmented memory of those events which took place decades ago due to PTSD. She also claims that she believes she could potentially be a victim of “MK-Ultra.”

Continuing our conversation, Guskin claims that one of the “aunts” she remembers at one of these “parties” was the late senator from California, Diane Feinstein.

At some point later in her childhood in which the police were involved in investigating sexual assault allegations surrounding her, that she was unable to provide names of those who allegedly harmed her, but could point them out if she saw them. An exact date and location of when this police involvement occurred was not stated.

Some of the other individuals she claimed were at these “parties” were Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. Guskin did state that neither man in attendance participated in any of the alleged abuse.

In 1994, when Guskin was in elementary school, one of the more traumatic events she allegedly recollects was at a birthday party, in which she was led into a basement and placed in a lineup of children against a wall by the adults in attendance. She claims that she was then selected and taken by an adult to be raped.

Guskin continued, stating that the large open basement had hanging tarps to separate specific spaces from view. After allegedly being selected by an adult man, the unnamed individual whose face was covered with a hood, led her away from the others where he then proceeded to rape her. She also added that near her, a young boy was also being sexually assaulted by another adult male.

The adult male she alleges who was victimizing the young boy was apparently being forced to do so by another unnamed individual. Guskin stated that the man was ordered to commit the act.

“This child is used to it,” Guskin quoted the unnamed man ordering the act. “He gets it all the time, however if you don’t comply your entire family will be killed and there are no do-overs.”

Gustin stated that the man whom was ordered to commit the sex act on the child sobbed uncontrollably. She added that as the man assaulted the young boy, several other men in the basement filmed everything.

After the alleged acts of sexual assault took place in the basement, Guskin stated that the man in the hood was placed into a van with supposedly members of his family, and driven off. The hooded man in question, Guskin claims, is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Upon this accusation, I reached out to the office of Senator Sanders for comment. As of the time of this publication, his office has not responded to my inquiry.

As for the individual who initially took her into the basement to allegedly be raped, Guskin states that years later she recognized that individual as former Democrat political consultant and strategist John Podesta.

This is a developing story.

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