Fedorchak Tried to Kamala Laugh Off Corruption Accusations in North Dakota Congressional Debate

by | May 28, 2024 | News

In a heated debate, former state representative, Dr. Rick Becker and former Miss America, Cara Mund, took turns exposing Public Service Commission Chair Julie Fedorchak’s deep conflicts of interest. The four candidates, including Alex Balazs, are vying to replace Kelly Armstrong in North Dakota’s lone congressional seat where Dr. Rick Becker holds a slight lead in recent polling

Becker stated he couldn’t trust Julie Fedorchak due to her history of both campaign and personal payments from companies who the PSC approves projects for. Becker quoted exclusive audio provided to AMP America, where Fedorchak admitted, “We won’t get any more additional money from [Carbon Summit Solutions] unless that pipeline is completed and that project moves forward.” 

Cara Mund then highlighted Fedorchak’s advocacy against legislation that would have effectively shut down the pipeline project. 

Mund’s aggressive questioning painted a picture of Fedorchak as deeply conflicted, with personal financial interests in the pipeline’s completion. Fedorchak, for her part, refused to answer Mund’s line of questioning in regards to how much land she will personally profit from when the pipeline is complete. 

Mund subsequently revealed a draft storage facility permit showing that Fedorchak and her husband stood to benefit from 640 acres of land. It is estimated the Fedorchaks will profit over $1.7M in royalty payments from this land. She questioned how a public official could sign an agreement with a private company the PSC approves projects for while North Dakota landowners faced the threat of eminent domain. Despite the harsh scrutiny, Fedorchak tried to deflect the accusations with laughter, reminiscent of Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris’s characteristic laugh when avoiding difficult questions. 

Fedorchak’s history of campaign donations further fueled the controversy. North American Coal donated $10,000 to her campaign in September 2014, followed by the approval of a new mine a month later. In July 2016, a NextEra wind farm was approved, and on Christmas Day, she received a $5,000 donation from the company. These past donations have cast a long shadow over her current campaign, raising serious questions about her integrity and potential conflicts of interest. 

Cara Mund concluded her barrage by saying, “And now you don’t even want to finish your term… and why is that? Is it already because you got your payday?” 

In the lead up to the June 11th primary, the now embroiled Fedorchak campaign will have a lot of work to do to restore trust with the public. She will also have to contend with the proxy war between Senator Mitt Romney (Julie Fedorchak) and Senator Rand Paul (Dr. Rick Becker).

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