Former White House Doctor Questions Biden’s Fitness for Office Amid Cognitive Concerns

by | Nov 27, 2023 | News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a recent interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” former White House physician and Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson raised serious concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive health and his ability to effectively lead the nation. Jackson, who has served under three presidents, stressed that the demands of the presidency require robust mental and physical health, which he believes Biden is rapidly losing.

Jackson, who previously called for Biden to undergo a cognitive test or withdraw from the 2024 race, emphasized that Biden’s cognitive decline has been evident since his 2020 campaign and has worsened during his time in office. “This man can’t do the job. He’s proven to us every single day that he can’t do the job,” Jackson stated, expressing alarm over the pace of the decline and its implications for national and international affairs.

Highlighting the broader impact, Jackson voiced concerns about the United States’ perceived weakness under Biden’s leadership, suggesting that this perception could lead to heightened international tensions and security risks. His comments reflect a growing debate over Biden’s fitness for office, particularly as the President approaches his 81st birthday.

In the backdrop of these concerns, recent polls indicate a shift in public perception, especially among younger voters. An NBC News poll showed former President Donald Trump leading Biden by four percentage points among registered voters aged 18 to 34, underscoring the potential political ramifications of the perceived decline in Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Jackson, who has endorsed Trump for the 2024 presidential race, contrasted Biden’s leadership with Trump’s, suggesting that the country’s enemies respected and feared the U.S. more under Trump’s administration.

The former White House doctor concluded with a call to action, urging those close to Biden to acknowledge the President’s alleged fitness issues for the safety and security of the country. This stance from Jackson, while reflective of his professional opinion, adds to the politically charged discourse surrounding the current administration’s leadership capabilities.

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