From Blue to Red: Louisiana’s Political Landscape Transforms Amid Democratic Turmoil

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Opinion

As Republicans celebrate the red wave, the Louisiana Democratic Party is imploding. They are taking to X with infighting and blaming everything but people being sick of being last in everything but homicide. This, however, should not be cause to get complacent. A red wave is exciting, but we must ensure it is not in name only. It is our job to hold all elected officials accountable.

Off With Her Head

When Democrats lost every statewide race they were quick to call for the resignation of Katie Bernhardt, Party Chair. X was filled with accusations such as Katie must be in bed with Republicans. If this is true, thanks Katie Bernhardt!

While there was never a doubt that Jeff Landry would win, running Shawn Wilson, previously head of DOTD was never a good idea. DOTD is the most incompetent department in the state. If you have ever driven on Louisiana roads, there is no way you took this guy seriously.

The people of Louisiana are tired of being last. We are tired of astronomical violent crime and homicide rates. We are tired of violent criminals facing no consequences for their crimes. Louisiana citizens are sick of failing schools, unaffordable insurance rates, and high taxes. Another major issue is out migration. Could this be why Democrats not only lost all statewide races, but three Democrats changed parties before The 2023 Regular Session ended?

Is Louisiana Too Conservative?

Some Democrats believe Louisiana’s issues are because of too much conservatism. They downplay the fact that Democrat, John Bel Edwards has been governor for nearly a decade. It was a Democrat that shut this state down. A Democrat that allowed abortion clinics to remain open while business owners lost everything. Democrats are responsible for our elderly loved ones dying alone in 2020.

There are many reasons for the red wave other than the letter behind each persons name. The hearts and minds of our children are under attack. Parents are paying more attention and being more vocal. Business owners are suffering, so they are more involved. Elderly folks fear losing their homes because they can no longer afford insurance, so they’re asking questions. These issues are, or should be, nonpartisan. Perhaps the red wave means we had more informed voters this round.

What Next?

Now Louisiana has a Republican in every statewide office, a Republican majority in both House and Senate, and the US speaker of the house is a Republican from Louisiana. With any luck Louisiana will finally be able to address real issues without fear of the majestic line item veto.

Except as otherwise provided by this constitution, the governor may veto any line item in an appropriation bill. Any item vetoed shall be void unless the veto is overridden as prescribed for the passage of a bill over a veto.

Hopefully the new Senate President and House speaker will lead rather than use their power to strong arm other legislators as we’ve seen in previous years. After seeing how broken we were through things like covid hysteria, this red wave brings hope.

While hope is good, it is imperative that we do not become complacent. It is our job to ensure our elected officials are held accountable. Citizens must hold them to their word, their promises. We can do this by staying involved and keeping our grassroots militias ready for whatever lies ahead, showing up and speaking in favor of good legislation, and keeping conversations going in our communities about what is going on in our capitol. Lets celebrate this huge win. Lets also make sure it still feels like a win in four years.

Jamie Pope is a former candidate for Louisiana State Representative with a record of standing strong against tyranny and defending the Constitution. She is a wife, mother, and private investigator who regularly attends legislative sessions to expose corruption. Follow Jamie Pope on Twitter @JamieMariePope.
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