From Duval to Blueval – A Cautionary Tale for Republicans

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Opinion

If you are familiar with Florida, you are almost certainly familiar with the city of Jacksonville.  Spanning over 700 square miles and boasting a population nearing 1 million, Jacksonville is both the  largest city in Florida as well as the largest city in the south outside of the state of Texas.  Until last year, Jacksonville was one of the only major cities in the United States that was under Republican leadership.  Donna Deegan was elected as mayor of Jacksonville in 2023.  At the time of her victory, Jacksonville was the most populous city in the United States with a Republican mayor.  

The shift to Democrat leadership wasn’t as sudden as it might appear.  Despite having been carried by Republicans for decades, Joe Biden claimed victory in the city during the 2020 Presidential election.

One might wonder how a substantial Republican stronghold such as Jacksonville could be so compromised that decades of progress could be erased seemingly overnight.  The answer to that question is simple.  The Duval County, FL GOP is chaired by serial fraudster and spineless RINO Dean Black.  Black was first elected chair of the Duval County GOP in 2018.  

Black is also now serving his freshman term in the Florida State House, having defeated America First Patriot Emily Nunez in last year’s Republican primary. 

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Dean Black has consistently demonstrated incompetence as the leader of the Duval GOP.  During  the 2023 mayoral contest, Black’s organization ran multiple ads attempting to connect Democrat Donna Deegan to the Black Lives Matter movement and spoke heavily about her attendance at a BLM rally.  However, the local GOP and the Davis campaign failed to mention that term-limited Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), and other Republicans, including then Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams and current Sheriff T.K. Waters, also attended, which was embarrassingly made known by News4Jax.

It would appear from Black’s own state legislature campaign that integrity in words and actions is rarely a concern.  Black’s own campaign website lists him as a staunch Trump supporter and features a photo of him alongside Donald Trump. 

Black’s own social media tells a different story regarding his opinion of Donald Trump.  In a now deleted 2015 post Black feverishly proclaimed that “Trump is a fraud” and that “Trump needs a spanking”. 

Black also prominently portrays his wife Kim on his campaign material, frequently touting their loving marriage.  Local arrest reports show that their marriage might not be as harmonious as Black likes to publicly portray.  According to county arrest records, Dean’s wife Kim was once arrested for domestic violence due to biting him on the face. 

Dean Black is a cautionary tale.  When weak spinless men oversee policy, legislation or elections, poor results are bound to follow.  There is a Dean Black in every state in the Republic.  They believe in nothing, stand for nothing and aren’t there to serve.  They memorize just enough conservative talking points to sound like one of “us”.  They are Democrats who aren’t smart enough to figure out how to get compensated on the other side of the aisle.  

If we want to take our party and most importantly our nation back, its crucial that we eliminate the Republican Party of sweaty slobs such as Black.   We’ve already lost too much time entertaining their own self fulfilling grift. 

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