Has Adam Schiff Cornered The Market on Unemployed Political Donors?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Opinion

Most patriotic Americans are familiar with the name Adam Schiff. Often referred to as “pencil neck”, Schiff was the Member of Congress who wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on the phony Donald Trump – Russia Collusion hoax. Adam Schiff is simply a terrible human being. It would be easy for me to write an entire article telling you why he is terrible, but I would rather show you.  

Adam Schiff has decided to run for the senate seat vacated by Diane Feinstein. He has advanced from the Democrat Primary and will face retired MLB player Steve Garvey in November’s election.   

Schiff has been a fundraising juggernaut, garnering more than 31 million dollars in donations. Per the FEC website, Schiff has received 224,161 individual contributions. 

While the amount of funds raised is certainly impressive, as is the number of contributions, there is a much more unique component to this candidate’s fundraising. Out of Adam Schiff’s 224,161 donations, 90,443 of those donations are listed as being made by someone Not Employed. That number equates to over 40%, which is astronomically high. These records are all available at FEC.GOV, so you are more than welcome to check for yourself.  This anomaly begs the question, has Adam Schiff cornered the market on out of work political donors, or is something more nefarious afoot?

I wanted to validate that the numbers I was viewing were as out of line as I originally thought. I have worked on a senate campaign, but I am not familiar with the trends of senate contributions. For comparison I chose a high profile Republican senate candidate. There is arguably not a higher profile candidate for US Senate in America than Kari Lake, so that was a good starting point. I immediately noticed that Lake had raised substantially less money than Schiff. While not completely surprising that Schiff had outraised Lake, the difference was stunning.  Lake has raised a mere 2,103,610.97. That equates to less than 15% of Schiff’s contributions. 

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