HOT MIC: Alarm Bells Ring after Congressional Candidate Julie Fedorchak Receives $20k Payment for Carbon Capture Sequestration, Boasts Future Payments

by | May 23, 2024 | News

Bismarck, ND – In a bombshell revelation, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner and congressional candidate Julie Fedorchak was caught on a hot mic admitting her family received $20,000 from Carbon Summit Solutions for a carbon sequestration easement. She also disclosed they will receive additional payments once the pipeline is completed. 

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This admission has raised serious questions about Fedorchak’s integrity and potential conflicts of interest. Despite initially recusing herself from the pipeline’s approval process in October 2022, citing a conflict of interest due to a vague mention of a contract with Carbon Summit Solutions, Fedorchak later used her official position to argue against a state bill, SB 2314, that would have curtailed eminent domain for the pipeline. If passed, the bill would have effectively halted the project, ending any potential future payments to landowners, including Fedorchak. 

Critics argue that Fedorchak’s actions undermine her earlier stance on avoiding conflicts of interest. Her recusal from the pipeline approval process was meant to maintain public trust, but her subsequent advocacy against SB 2314 raises suspicions about her true motivations. The timing of her support for the pipeline project, following the $20,000 payment and the promise of more money, suggests a personal financial stake in its completion. 

As this controversy unfolds, Fedorchak’s campaign will face mounting pressure to address these concerns and restore public trust. The prospect of financial benefits from her elected position casts a significant shadow over her candidacy and will surely concern many voters in North Dakota. 

Fedorchak is currently running in a race which has quickly become a 2 man beat between herself and former state representative, Rick Becker. Recent polling shows Becker with a slight edge. Breitbart even recently ran a story dubbing this a “proxy war” between Senator Rand Paul (Rick Becker) and Senator Mitt Romney (Julie Fedorchak). 

With the primary election fast approaching on June 11, voters will be closely watching to see how Fedorchak responds to these allegations and whether she can convincingly demonstrate her commitment to serving the people of North Dakota without personal conflicts of interest.

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