In Wake of LNC Aftermath, Libertarian Activist Jeremy Kauffman States “I’m Standing With Donald Trump”

by | May 27, 2024 | News

After a wild weekend in the belly of Washington D.C., the Libertarian Party has chose LGBTQ+ activist and former Democrat Chase Oliver as their 2024 presidential nominee. Oliver’s nomination is a direct repudiation of the 2018 Mises Caucus takeover, which sought to move the Libertarian Party away from its public facing left-of-center, corporatist appearance that leaders had crafted for over a decade, moving away from the Ron Paul era which had brought in so many activists.

Therefore this about-face by the party has begun to force libertarians and Big-L Libertarians to ask whether they want to actually change the nation, or settle for a fraction of the popular vote.

New Hampshire based tech entrepreneur and Libertarian activist Jeremy Kauffman, when faced with the decision to either toe the party line or get libertarian policies and perhaps a libertarian cabinet appointee in a potential Trump administration, made his choice based off of the options.

“Yesterday, I held up this sign calling Donald Trump supporters socialists,” Kauffman posted to X. “Tonight the Libertarian Party nominated a gay race communist for president.

“With those choices, I’m standing with Donald Trump.”

On Saturday night, Trump became the first former US president in the LP’s history to address their convention, highlighting his non-interventionist policy which resulted in no new wars during his one term in office, as well as his war against the deep state which is currently ongoing due to the weaponization of the justice system to weaken his odds against Joe Biden. Trump also promised, if elected, to commute the sentence of Silk Road leader Ross Ulbricht, and even appoint libertarians to his cabinet in key leadership positions.

“Dear Donald Trump,” posted TimCast’s Josie (aka the Redheaded Libertarian), “The libertarians offer you a pro-opened borders, pro-trancing children, pro DEI, LP nominee, who will garner just 1% of the vote, now we’d like to speak with you about the senior & cabinet positions you promised libertarians on Saturday.”

“Trump’s commitment to commuting the sentence of Ross was part of an olive branch he was extending to Libertarians, as well as promising to include Libertarians in cabinet positions in his Administration should he win the 2024 election,” a contributor by the name of Squiggly Line Guy wrote at The Libertarian Republic.

“He came to the convention to court Libertarians for their support. While Trump’s reception had mixed reactions, Libertarians would be wise to give it further consideration.”

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Former 2016 Libertarian presidential candidate turned pro-Trump Republican (and current Amp America columnist) Austin Petersen reposted Kauffman’s statement, adding that “Donald Trump effectively won the Libertarians tonight.”

“A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Javier Milei,” Petersen had posted on Saturday after Trump’s speech.

Former LNC communications director and current co-CEO of the media and entertainment network The Midnight Ride, Reed Cooley, also joined in to discuss the backlash to Oliver’s nomination.

“In February 2023, I warned the LNC that they’d get Chase Oliver as their nominee unless they embraced explicitly right-wing messaging designed to alienate him and his base forever.”

Cooley continued, “After seeing the LNC Board’s refusal to do what must be done, I left the party, resigning my position as communications director and leaving it to face the consequences of its actions. Those consequences are now here. Had the party listened to me,  @RecTheRegime or @JoshuaAtLarge would be its nominee tonight. Either embrace the Right or get overtaken by the Left. It’s that simple, and it always has been.”

Legendary political strategist and radio show host Roger Stone also added that Oliver’s nomination all but sealed Trump’s victory in November should libertarians shift their votes to the frontrunner.

“I was a member of Libertarian Party leaving the GOP when the Republicans nominated Mitt Romney. I rejoined the Republican Party for the nomination of Donald Trump. The LP still has many good people- the ones supporting the anti-war candidate – Trump!” Stated Stone on X.

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