Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe Discovers That a School District in New Jersey Has Been Transitioning Students Behind the Backs of Their Parents

by | Oct 19, 2023 | News

In a startling revelation, James O’Keefe, the president of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), shared claims of concealed social transitioning happening within the Kingsway Regional School District in New Jersey. According to O’Keefe’s post on social media platform X, the school district has been allegedly assisting students in social transitioning without informing their parents.

The accusation is supported by emails and a video obtained exclusively by OMG, revealing a “tiered” policy within the district concerning students desiring to transition without their parent’s awareness. A particular email exchange highlighted by O’Keefe involved school counselor Fallon Corcoran inquiring how to update a student’s preferred name in the Genesis student database without family visibility. The communication was directed to another counselor, Michael Schiff.

The post further shared a recorded statement from Fallon Corcoran, saying, “I am not calling home… everything we talk about stays between us.” This raises questions about the confidentiality between school officials and students, overshadowing the rights and awareness of the parents.

Additionally, the emails purportedly uncovered a tiered ranking system within Kingsway Regional, wherein second tier students could opt for their chosen gender and name, withheld from their parents. A specific email mentioned a student wishing to share her preferred name and pronouns with teachers while keeping her family in the dark.

Upon reaching out, Kingsway Regional Superintendent James Lavender reportedly attributed the policy to directives from the New Jersey Department of Education. This disclosure by O’Keefe brings forth a debate surrounding transparency between educational institutions and families, and the extent of autonomy granted to students.

See the post and watch O’Keefe’s remarks regarding his investigation below:

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