It’s March 2024 and It Appears That People Are Starting To Mask Again – Let Them Be

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Opinion

I have started to notice a trend reappearing in many public settings. That trend is everyday folks wearing masks.  If you think back to 2020, it was March when covid first appeared nonstop in our news cycles. We are again in the same month of an election year, and it is no surprise that the same tactics are being deployed.

I can openly admit that my initial reaction to seeing people wearing masks is to ridicule them. However it would be disingenuous of me as someone who loudly opposed mask mandates to criticize someone’s personal choice to wear a mask.  

I think back to a contentious school board meeting in Florida where we battled for hours in opposition of masking school children.  We proudly stood and defended parent’s rights to choose what was best for their children. It is important that we also stand for the liberty of those who choose to wear a mask to have the right to make that same decision. Liberty has no middle ground, you are either free to make your own decisions or you aren’t. Many of the same folks wearing a mask are doing so because they have been gaslit for yours into believing they are doing something noble for their community.  While I might vehemently disagree with their actions, I cannot diminish their intent.  

I personally chose not to wear a mask during 2020, and I will choose not to wear a mask in 2024. I will again be an activist should mask mandates become something that is on the table. I will also however advocate for the rights of those to make the decision to wear a mask if they choose.  I will also utilize my energy to educate those people on the ineffectiveness of their mask. The American people have faced years of psychological warfare, and the damage will not be undone with ridicule. As Maj Toure stated in a recent X post, may of the people wearing masks have tied their identity to a massive virtue signal. They certainly have every right to wear whatever they want to wear on their face.

I also have every right to choose not to wear anything on my face.  

Maj also advocates living a “solutionary” lifestyle. I will be the first to admit that many times my personal rhetoric can be inflammatory and offensive. While I plan to never tone down my beliefs nor my rhetoric, I do plan to be much more tactical in its application.  I will reserve my offensive language for those who are attempting to restrict the liberty of Americans. A masked parent shopping at TJ Maxx does not qualify as someone willing nor capable of restricting my liberty. As conservatives we must show grave to those who disagree with us and educate them as to why we hold the beliefs we hold. There is simply no reason to deliver vitriol toward a retail shopper anywhere.  

I understand the vitriol, in fact I am an expert at fiery rhetoric. I will simply reserve that for those who earn it. If conservatives put the same energy into education as we do into simply being disagreeable, we might have a chance. I don’t know if we can convert hearts and minds, but I do know that what we have been doing simply isn’t working. My mentor Anthony Sabatini once told me during my state legislature candidacy “ if you never vote to restrict liberty or grow government it will be the easiest thing you’ll ever do”.  

We must apply this same logic into our activism. If it doesn’t restrict liberty or grow government, its perfectly acceptable for people to be different. We all have a finite amount of energy. It’s time we spend that energy on things that matter. 

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