Liberty Champion Dr. Rick Becker Selected as GOP National Convention Delegate and Official Elector for Trump

by | Apr 8, 2024 | News

BISMARCK, ND – In a significant development in the political landscape of North Dakota, Dr. Rick Becker, currently a Republican candidate for Congress, has been chosen to serve as an official delegate to the Republican National Convention and as an official elector for former President Donald Trump. This dual role underscores Dr. Becker’s influential position within the GOP and his steadfast commitment to the America-First agenda.

Expressing his honor and readiness to assume these roles, Dr. Becker stated, “I am honored to represent Donald Trump as an official elector on behalf of North Dakota. Patriots are ready for America-First leadership in the White House that supports our values, will fight for our liberty, and will undo the damages of the corrupt Biden administration.”

Dr. Becker’s selection as a delegate to the GOP National Convention is a testament to his political acumen and alignment with the core principles of the Republican Party. He emphasized the critical need for a return to the policies that marked the Trump presidency, citing a secure border and a robust economy as paramount to restoring American strength and prosperity.

“The Biden administration has since destroyed all of this progress, leaving our nation in disarray and our citizens feeling vulnerable,” Dr. Becker remarked. “The time is now to put America first again.”

Dr. Becker’s dual appointment as an official elector and delegate not only highlights his deep-rooted connection with the conservative base in North Dakota but also positions him as a key player in the upcoming electoral process. As the November election draws closer, Dr. Becker’s roles will undoubtedly play a pivotal part in shaping the direction of the Republican Party and its efforts to reclaim leadership in the White House.

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