Man or Bear? Radical Feminists Demonizing Males Has Finally Hit The Point of Absolute Absurdity

by | May 6, 2024 | Opinion

Of all the things my child self imagined we would be doing in the future, I never imagined we would be demonizing men to the point of pretending our children are safer lost in the woods with a bear than with a man. I refuse to play along with this attack on men. Generalizing men this way is no better than generalizing other groups as monsters.

So Trendy

Internet trends are often funny, strange, or dangerous. It seems a lot of people will do whatever it takes for validation from strangers on the internet. You may recall “challenges” such as swallowing a spoon of cinnamon, eating tide pods, or hitting random strangers hoping to knock them out. Sadly, Baton Rouge has even seen someone stabbed to death on a live stream.

Some attention grabs are not quite as extreme. They are certainly not all bad. Some are efforts to build people up, bring awareness to an issue, campaign as a political candidate, and of course advertise for businesses.

Some are just lukewarm takes trying to demonize men. At some point women decided men being manly is bad. They went as far as coining the term “toxic masculinity.” Demonizing men seems to be a big goal of the feminist movement.

Man or Bear?

So that brings us to this Man or Bear nonsense. People are asking the question “if your daughter was lost in the woods, would you rather her be with a man or a bear?” I’m not sure if it’s even surprising but people are choosing bear. Why? Because men can’t be trusted of course.

What about the stories we hear about women doing heinous things to children? If we’re generalizing, shouldn’t we be concerned that all women will drown children in a bathtub? Shouldn’t we worry that all women will starve children to death or poison them? Let us not forget that some of the most heartbreaking crimes have been encourage, facilitated, and assisted by women.

The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems.

There are wonderful people in this world. Maybe I’m missing something, but when is the last time a bear searched for a missing toddler, carried a child out of a burning building, or gave a child CPR?

This topic should be funny, only it really does degrade men. Imagine being a father in a world where this kind of thing is drilled into your daughter’s head by her peers.

Considering we mostly agree fatherless homes are much of the issue with our crime rates, shouldn’t we be doing the exact opposite of pretending our children are safer with a bear in the woods than with a man who could and most likely would help our child to safety?

Jamie Pope is a former candidate for Louisiana State Representative with a record of standing strong against tyranny and defending the Constitution. She is a wife, mother, and private investigator who regularly attends legislative sessions to expose corruption. Follow Jamie Pope on Twitter @JamieMariePope.

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