New Poll Shows North Dakota Voters are Sick of Property Taxes, Favor Ballot Initiative to Eliminate

by | Jan 18, 2024 | News

A new poll conducted by David Wolfson, a national pollster for DecipherAi and a Lecturer at Columbia University, indicates what the taxpayers of North Dakota have felt for some time; the state’s property tax needs to go.

According to the memo released this week, a significant majority (70%) of active North Dakota voters indicated they would vote for eliminating property taxes in the state if given the opportunity.

The support for ending property taxes is consistent across various demographics and geographic regions within North Dakota:

  • 69.72% in Fargo/Grand Forks DMA
  • 70.47% in Western North Dakota DMA
  • 68.10% among Rural Voters
  • 72.66% among Suburban Voters
  • 74.68% among Men
  • 65.28% among Women
  • Age groups also showed similar trends, with 68.12% in the 35-54 age group, 65.08% in the 55-64 age group, and 72.39% in the 65+ age group favoring the end of property taxes.

The Movement to Eliminate the Tax is Strong

Former North Dakota state representative and liberty activist, Dr. Rick Becker, is continuing his fight to eliminate North Dakota’s statistically high property taxes.

Recently putting out a statewide commercial for his initiative, Becker has made it clear that the goal is to let North Dakota’s residents keep more of their money while allowing more local control of taxpayer dollars.

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“We have an opportunity for major tax relief and a complete overhaul of our property tax system,” said Becker in a new commercial for his organization End Unfair Property Tax.

“You will keep everything you currently keep in property tax,” he continued. “Cities and counties will keep local control, making their own budgets and raising the revenue they need, but they must do it in a way that is more fair and transparent to you.

“This measure provides the tax relief and reform we all deserve while retaining local control.”

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Going into the new year, Becker has been able to maintain enthusiasm as he’s brought his mission’s message throughout the state to those who would listen.

Becker had recently shared an update on Facebook regarding the progress of his property tax measure. The initiative has gained significant momentum, with between 15,000 and 20,000 signatures already collected. In the last 10 days, he has participated in multiple radio interviews across different stations in North Dakota, including KFYR Bismarck, Supertalk 1270 Bismarck, 1100 The Flag Fargo, KFGO Fargo, KNOX Grand Forks, and Williston Trending Topics.

Additionally, Dr. Becker held a video conference call with 27 state legislators and legislative candidates and presented to a large group in Williston with the Sons of Liberty. He has further plans to present the initiative to the District 14 Republicans in Maddock, the Bismarck Mandan Board of Realtors, the North Dakota Association of Realtors, and on the Here’s the Deal podcast. According to his post, the response from the people of North Dakota has been very positive, indicating that the proposal for property tax relief and reform is well-received.

A Possibility?

Becker’s efforts to eliminate property taxes goes back to his time serving in the state legislature, where he had once proposed a legislative constitutional measure aimed at eliminating property tax in the state.

The initiative sought to replace the property tax primarily with existing funds. Despite adjustments made by the state, North Dakota continues to have one of the highest property tax rates among all states. Becker had at the time pointed out that when considering additional by-downs paid by residents, some counties in North Dakota face among the highest property tax burdens in the nation.

Given the findings of the recent poll of taxpayers in the state, this movement shows no signs of slowing down.

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