PETERSEN: Black Trump Voters, Nazi Cakes, Juneteenth, and the N-Word

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Opinion

Wrong Speak publisher Adam Coleman isn’t surprised to see so many black voters crossing over to vote for Donald Trump this year. Coleman interviewed black voters in Georgia about their top issues and he came away with the impression that they weren’t so keen on Trump, it was simply that Biden’s performance had been so lackluster.

Student loan debt was one of the key issues that he observed with African-Americans, but he doesn’t think simply wiping the debt away is what they want. Wiping out interest on those loans however, might be the issue Trump could use to gain more leverage into the community.

CNN’s election experts were borderline hysterical when looking at the stark change in positions of black voters from 2020 to 2024.

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Of all of the black voters that Coleman interviewed, none of them responded that racism was a reason for why they decided who to vote for. That’s a stark contrast from what MSNBC or the rest of the MSM would have you believe, which is to say that black voters are primarily interested in voting for Democrats because Republicans are racists.

Coleman lamented that Juneteenth had become a political football, and hoped everyone would be able to celebrate the concept of freedom itself. During a discussion on the Wake Up America Show with Austin Petersen, he explained why his position on the holiday and on civil rights aligned with more libertarian principles. Petersen famously dueled with eventual Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson in 2016 over the question of whether the Civil Rights act would mean that Christian bakers would be forced to bake wedding cakes for gay marriages, as had happened in the infamous Masterpiece cake decision.

“Should a Jewish baker have to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding,” Petersen posed to Johnson in a televised debate on John Stossel’s program. “Yes,” Johnson replied. This question about the application of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to private property is a tricky one, since it’s nearly universally accepted that government should never be allowed to discriminate. However, with Title 2 of the Civil Rights Act, it became illegal for businesses that were open to the public to discriminate as well. Because of this, Christian bakers are forced to bake cakes that go against their conscience, but no one as of yet has tried forcing any Jews to bake Nazi wedding cakes. Steven Crowder did once famously try to get a Muslim bakery to bake a gay cake, but they refused and nothing ever came of of it. It seems as if enforcement of the law is only against one group.

Coleman himself says he thinks that the libertarian position of respecting private property, even for bigots and racists, would be superior to the current regime. But there’s very little interest on behalf of the American people for any campaign that would defend the rights of the indefensible. Adam Coleman was then asked about the recent trend of online influencers saying the N-word, and whether or not that bothered him. His response? Very libertarian. Freedom of speech.

Check out the full interview below:

Austin Petersen is a former Libertarian presidential candidate turned Republican and the host of the Wake Up America show every Monday-Friday from 7-9am central which you can stream live on Rumble, or listen to on Spotify or iTunes. He resides in Jefferson City, Missouri with his wife Stephanie and their two presidential French Bulldogs, Calvin and George.

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