PETERSEN: Why Is Felon Hunter Biden Attending ‘High-Level’ White House Meetings?

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Opinion

Fresh off his felony convictions, Hunter Biden is reportedly participating in high-level White House meetings. I thought we were against felons running things in the White House?

According to NBC News, Hunter has been providing close counsel to his father, President Joe Biden, following a family gathering after a recent presidential debate. The notion of Hunter advising on matters of statecraft is as perplexing as it is completely unsurprising. The Biden family has been circling the wagons ever since the president’s disastrous debate and catastrophic follow up interview with Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos.

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While major Democratic Party activists are openly calling for Biden to step aside, the Biden crime family is only more fervently urging Joe on, despite his obvious inability to do the job he was elected for. Biden even told Democratic governors that he needed to get more sleep, which is absolutely true, but the last thing that Dems wanted to hear from him at this critical juncture.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to downplay the situation, attributing Hunter’s presence to family time around the Fourth of July. She suggested that Hunter’s involvement was merely coincidental, part of holiday family gatherings, and not indicative of any official role. “He walked into the speech prep meeting with the President,” she noted.

Critics from both ends of the political spectrum have not held back. Mehdi Hasan, formerly of MSNBC, lambasted the arrangement as “insane,” arguing that Hunter and the Biden granddaughters seem to exert more influence than established Democratic leaders. White House staffers themselves have reportedly expressed confusion and concern over Hunter’s unexpected involvement. Reports have been surfacing that domestic help in the East Wing have been shielded from interacting with President Biden, allegedly to keep the secret of how poorly the president’s health has become.

Alberto Martinez, a former chief of staff for Senator Marco Rubio, pointedly remarked that under normal circumstances, Hunter wouldn’t even clear the background check to attend a presidential event, let alone participate in internal meetings. Hunter is clearly a national security risk, and could compromise important information with his shady business ties to China and Ukraine.

Podcaster Mary Katherine Ham added a layer of sarcasm, questioning why anyone would be surprised. “Hunter is a renowned international energy expert, successful artist, and apparently the smartest person his father knows,” she quipped.

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Hunter Biden’s involvement at this level is a continuance of the theme from the Bidens that connections and familial ties supersede the needs of the country he was elected to serve. Hunter is also set to stand trial for tax-related crimes in September. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner wrote to White House chief of staff over concerns about tHunter attending White House meetings, and demanded to know whether he had been receiving classified information.

The White House is denying that Hunter is acting as a gatekeeper to the president… but this is the same administration that spent the past few years lying about Joe Biden’s mental health and calling videos of his gaffes “cheap fakes,” when they were clearly not. Why should we trust them now?

Austin Petersen is a former Libertarian presidential candidate turned Republican and the host of the Wake Up America show every Monday-Friday from 7-9am central which you can stream live on Rumble, or listen to on Spotify or iTunes. He resides in Jefferson City, Missouri with his wife Stephanie and their two presidential French Bulldogs, Calvin and George.

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