Politics is as Confusing as Hollywood Screenplays in 2024

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Opinion

I recently saw the film CIVIL WAR and it absolutely delivered what I expected: breathless cinematography, crisp sound that rattled your bones, and super intense and well-orchestrated war scenes in the final act. For a budget of ~$50-million, the cast and crew delivered a film that looks like a $200-million blockbuster. ‘A24′ continues its ascent as one of the most renown production companies in Hollywood. It’s efforts like this when you realize just how far behind Conservative filmmakers like The Daily Wire are from being able to come anywhere close to a project like this in size, scope, and overall execution. 

On the other hand, CIVIL WAR absolutely delivered what I expected: an opaque storyline that neither distinguishes good from bad guys, characters that I don’t know nor give two sh*ts about, and an overall storyline that adds up to… nothing. It’s the type of film that has become synonymous with Marvel films since AVENGERS: ENDGAME and unfortunately has become synonymous with 95% of recent Hollywood projects. 

So why such bad writing? In an effort to break the paradigm and craft something that grabs the attention of the industry, screenwriters today find themselves throwing away all the rules (a la Christopher Nolan in MEMENTO) and completely burning up past templates, including the most famous “Hero’s Journey” that propelled Hollywood hits like STAR WARS, THE MATRIX, and HARRY POTTER to name a few. 

Jesse Plemons in Civil WarOn a deeper level, if writing is merely a reflection of one’s sub-conscious and soul, we shouldn’t be surprised that Hollywood doesn’t have one. In CIVIL WAR, you’re constantly asking yourself, “Who the fu*k is the protagonist, who the hell is the antagonist?” The producers of the film have argued this was intentionally done to be non-partisan, but director Alex Garland subtly hints at (SHOCKER) white, rural Americans being the problem. In one scene, Jesse Plemon’s character interrogates our cast of (supposed?) heroes and shoots an Asian individual when he says he’s from Hong Kong. Also, the white president is (of course) a Fascist who wouldn’t give up power after three terms LOL.

One could argue Kirsten Dunst’s character is the protagonist, but once again — there’s nothing likable or enduring about her. There is no “Save the Cat” moment. It’s basically an episode of SUCCESSION where nothing and no one gives us any hope. Unlike SUCCESSION, a 120-page screenplay doesn’t have the luxury of carefully justifying the cruelty and psychology of a character to where we actually support that individual. CIVIL WAR, much like many of the people who frequent Hollywood and politics, is an empty, joyless, Nihilistic, vessel that reflects the psyche of its creators. Which leads me to my next thought…

Kirsten Dunst Civil War

Kirsten Dunst as Lee Smith in the film, CIVIL WAR

CIVIL WAR is an excellent example of not only modern-day filmmaking, but politics. As we look around the state of our nation today, who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys. Your champion one day against the “Military Industrial Complex” is the next day talking up “hate speech” and leading censorship efforts in a crusade against the first amendment. Your champion one day for speaking out against the dangers of “Big Pharma” and vaccine mandates is the next day trying to ban menthol cigarettes. In the smoldering, landmine-filled space that is Washington D.C., we constantly find ourselves asking, “Who is the slightly less of two evils?” Or “Who sorta/kinda/maybe believes in the Constitution?” It’s this macabre state of thinking and slow-death feel that sometimes too makes us numb and Nihilists like the screenwriters of Hollywood. And, that’s exactly what the power brokers in Washington want — so hopeless that you give up.

Consider the curious case of current Republican House Speaker, Mike Johnson. Johnson came in to replace former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy had a history of double-crossing Republicans and Americans’ civil liberties a like, and was practical butt buddies with “Big Tech” companies like Google that was actively censoring many of his constituents and colleagues. Johnson was a breath of fresh air and had the support of many of the “Freedom Caucus” component of the House. Months later, he recently helped pass a $95-billion bill that was earmarked largely for Ukraine as literal Ukranian flags were waved in our very own Congress like a Nascar rally. At this point, you have to wonder what kind of horrendous blackmail the CIA has on Johnson. Do they have him wrestling alligators in the nude back in his native Louisiana? Perhaps a sex trafficking scandal in the depths of the Bayou akin to TRUE DETECTIVE? Did he put millions of dollars on LSU to repeat as SEC West champions? 

With so few heroes, it’s easy to become despondent and give up totally on the system. It’s easy to give up on the innate strength within each and every one of us. While Hollywood destroys the beauty of arts/culture and the incredible journey that is the human experience, and D.C. destroys the very fabric of our nation and our liberties outlined in the Constitution, I can’t help but wonder… who are the good guys?

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