POPE: If You’re Angered by Policies, Show Up or Stay Out of The Way

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Opinion

You’ve likely heard that Louisiana passed a law requiring the Ten Commandments to be posted in classrooms. This bill was passed by Louisiana legislators, elected by Louisiana citizens. Libertarians have taken issue with this. Even their presidential nominee, Chase Oliver, has spoken out against it, despite his acceptance of controversial topics such as transgender issues involving children. Why didn’t Libertarians voice these concerns earlier?

Let me begin by saying I acknowledge the five or six Libertarians in Louisiana who do show up and stay involved. I do not want my words to downplay their efforts. My frustration is with the Party and lack in leadership. I find it disappointing that the chair of the Louisiana Libertarian Party is not leading the effort to get Libertarians more involved in the process.

When I used to think of the Libertarian party I thought of grassroots efforts to bring back liberty. I thought of boots on the ground, knocking doors and fighting to win against the establishment machine. When I thought of ”Liberty candidates” I thought of people like Ron Paul, Thomas Massie, Austin Petersen, Justin Amash, people who put in work and get the message of freedom and liberty out there. I even considered switching parties at one point years ago.

Then I started showing up at my state Capitol and local government meetings. I got involved in campaigns in the area. It didn’t take long to realize I had it all wrong.

At the beginning of 2024 Louisiana had a special session for the sole purpose of closing primaries. Most people feel closed primaries will help each party elect better candidates. It is fair to allow the parties to make their own rules, but they didn’t stop there. They added a rule that third parties must acquire signatures to run for certain offices. In most cases this will be a difficult task and the likelihood of it happening is slim.

Who opposed this law? The Independent Party sent a representative, Democrats expressed concerns, and even some Republicans had questions. I tried to motivate Libertarians to at least contact legislators or fill out a red card in committee to express their frustration, but to no avail.

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This is why I’m puzzled by the uproar over the Ten Commandments law. Did Libertarians voice their concerns during House or Senate committee meetings? No. Did they distribute floor notes in either chamber or contact legislators with their grievances? Again, no.

It seems they waited for the bill to be signed into law to get upset. Imagine if the energy that is being spent to complain now were used to complain to the right people before the bill was already through the process. Perhaps they could make impact, and not just on this topic. It’s silly to call yourself a political party and have such strong opinions but not even bother showing up and voicing those opinions.

Instead we see a state party backing someone who is okay with transing kids and having adults parade naked around kids. We see a social media presence focused solely on fighting for the LGBT community. Unless of course people from that community disagree, then they block them. If this is an accurate representation of Louisiana Libertarians, I wonder why they didn’t show up in droves to fight the What is a Woman bill.

Where were they during discussion on the bill that prohibits discussion about sexuality with students in the classroom or the pronoun bill? All were recently signed into law.

I challenge Libertarians to show up. Don’t make excuses. If something matters this much, make time. You cannot rely on dank memes alone to change the world. If you can’t be bothered to show up, maybe it’s time to shut up.

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