Pope: ‘That Dad’ is Willing to Take Whatever Hits Come His Way

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Opinion

Across America parents are fighting to keep butt plug instructions and pornographic books out of the children’s section of the library. Unfortunately, straight liberal white women are falsely calling this a book ban and pretending to be noble fighters for LGBTQ. One Louisiana father showed up to a Library meeting where book content would be discussed. Most decent people would agree these books should not be on the shelves in sections meant for children. The LGBTQ community agrees.

However, people came out of the woodwork to demonize that dad. Not only did people take to social media pretending moving books is equivalent to a book ban, they did everything in their power to destroy those who spoke against these books. This includes suing that dad and using the lawsuit to gain fame, fortune, and a book deal.

Book Content

In July of 2022 Livingston Parish had a Library Board meeting. One item on the agenda was “book content.” The agenda had no mention of removing books, burning books, or banning books. It simply said “book content.”

After conversations with people in the community I became aware of one of the concerning books. This book was called Dating and Sex: A Guide For the 21st Century Boy. When I saw the comic book drawings, seemingly geared toward kids, my jaw hit the floor. As a mom, I had trouble understanding why anyone would want this in the hands of kids.

I made a post on Facebook and encouraged parents to show up and communicate their concerns. I shared one page from the aforementioned book.

The post spread like wildfire. The goal was to let parents know about the content but it also alerted people who want children seeing these things. They passed around a fear mongering post. People were under the false impression that a book ban was on the agenda.

The Meeting

People packed the Livingston Parish Library Board of Control meeting Tuesday night to protest...

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A number of people spoke at the Library Board meeting. On one side people expressed concern about the content of the books and their location. The other side whined about their past traumas and claimed these books would have made their lives easier. They also claimed these books were merely educational. Even a local school librarian seemed to advocate for these books for kids in her speech. In her speech she identified herself as a school librarian.

Playing Victim

After that meeting one of the parents made a meme about the school librarian advocating for these books. She was offended and considered this defamation. She started a GoFundMe and filed suit. Although she has lost in court numerous times, she plans to appeal again.

While crying “defamation” this person has raised over $130,000. She made the rounds doing interviews and contradicting herself, even in the Washington Post. Oprah picked up the story seemingly without doing her homework. Or maybe she was intentionally spinning the situation. This effort to play victim has even led to a book deal. The book is titled That Librarian and is about “fighting book bans across America.” Moving books to the adult section is not the same as banning them.

Ryan Thames (left end)

That Dad

That librarian has wealthy liberals backing her as she spreads a tale very different from what I witnessed. Perhaps its time the world gets to know that dad. After all, he is just a dad protecting his children.

For years I have been a grassroots activist as well as a journalist. I spend a lot of time simply showing up. Oftentimes our groups are referred to as “Mama Bears.” This is because its usually a bunch of women raising cane. People ask us all the time where the dads are. Well, that dad is one of the only dads we can count on to show up.

That dad stays involved in his community. When the battle was the location of books with literal sex instructions, of course he was there. That dad was also there fighting to reopen schools, businesses and the entire state of Louisiana. He was there fighting for health freedom and ending mask mandates. He frequents council meetings, legislative committee hearings, as well as community clean ups.

“That dad who shows up” probably does not fit whatever narrative or agenda is being pushed. Protecting kids is not the popular or easy path. Being that dad is not as glamourous as playing victim or an imaginary book ban. Still, that dad is willing to take whatever hits come his way as he stands up for our children. If you would like to help support that dad, click here.

Jamie Pope is a former candidate for Louisiana State Representative with a record of standing strong against tyranny and defending the Constitution. She is a wife, mother, and private investigator who regularly attends legislative sessions to expose corruption. Follow Jamie Pope on Twitter @JamieMariePope.

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