Rand Paul ROASTS Neocon Bill Kristol For Begging Dems And Anti-Trump Voters To Vote For Nikki Haley

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Opinion

Rand Paul isn’t holding any punches after jumping into the 2024 GOP primary fray with his #NeverNikki campaign. His target now? Neocon Bill Kristol.

“I’m an ex-Republican. But if I were an Iowan, I’d be crossing back over to vote for Haley Monday,” posted Kristol posted to X.

“Voting against Trump in Republican caucuses and primaries is the most effective way—and a legal and legitimate way—to oppose Trump this winter and spring.”

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Senator Paul saw the opportunity to pounce on the former Weekly Standard editor and Iraq War apologist, and he took it.

“Forever neocon, former Cheney Republican, Bill Kristol says vote Nikki,” Paul responded. “Need I say anything more?”

Straight fire from America’s champion of the Constitution.

“If Cheney and Bill Kristol are for Nikki H., that is all that needs to be known,” replied one X user.

This is true…. if you ever want good advice on politics, find out what Bill Kristol thinks and do the opposite,” replied another.

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