Report: Effort to Defeat Thomas Massie Fails Despite AIPAC’s Nearly $400k Smear Campaign And Speaker Johnson’s Alleged Plotting

by | May 22, 2024 | News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Despite a fierce advertising campaign by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s super PAC, United Democracy Project, aimed at painting him as an “anti-Israel radical,” Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) handily won the Republican primary in Kentucky’s 4th District. The ads, which cost $328,675, did not deter voters in the conservative stronghold, where Massie secured a decisive victory over challengers Eric Deters and Michael McGinnis on Tuesday.

The Attack Ad Blitz

The campaign by AIPAC, which targeted Massie for his votes related to Israel, was not only intended to influence the primary directly but also to diminish his statewide appeal. However, Massie shrugged off the impact of the ads, suggesting that they might inadvertently increase his name recognition without harming his political future.

Et Tu, Mike Johnson?

Sources close to the GOP conference within the House of Representatives informed Amp America that behind closed doors, Speaker Mike Johnson had ensured them early on in his speakership that if they were to receive “heat from any of the Jewish or Israeli organizations” regarding the definition of antisemitism, he would defend them by calling the leader of said organization and “tell them to back off.”

What this allegation implies is that Johnson has the influence and power to direct them, bringing into question, if true, whether or not he intentionally allowed the continued public attacks against Massie since the announcement of the ad campaigns from AIPAC occurred almost immediately after Massie supported the motion to vacate vote.

Stronger Than Ever

Massie, known for his libertarian leanings and independent voting record, described the advertising expenditure as akin to “campaign malpractice” due to its timing and focus. He also speculated that the effort could backfire by boosting his visibility among voters statewide.

With no Democratic challengers in the upcoming general election, Massie’s primary win essentially assures him another term in Congress, where he has represented northern Kentucky since late 2012. His district spans across northern Kentucky, including areas outside the Cincinnati metropolitan region.

This victory comes amidst broader discussions about Massie’s future political aspirations, with speculation about a potential statewide run, possibly for a U.S. Senate seat, especially with rumors of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell not seeking reelection in 2026.

Massie’s stance against substantial foreign aid packages and resolutions defining antisemitism align with his broader political philosophy, which emphasizes reduced federal spending and non-interventionism. Despite the targeted campaign against him, Massie remains a prominent figure within the Republican Party, known for his principled stand on issues regardless of party leadership pressures.

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