Rick Becker Announces Bold Border Plan; Refuses Salary, Pledges to Shut Down the Government Until the Wall is Funded

by | Jun 10, 2024 | News

Liberty republican Dr. Rick Becker has drawn a line in the sand for conservative voters a day before the primary election for North Dakota’s lone congressional seat, pledging not only to forgo a salary if elected to congress, but also vowing to do whatever it takes to secure the southern border— even if it means a government shutdown temporarily in order to secure American citizens across the country.

“I’m going ALL IN,” Becker posted to X. “I am the ONLY candidate in this race that is serious about the Biden border crisis.

“Tomorrow is primary day here in North Dakota. I would be honored to EARN your vote and be your conservative fighter.”

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Rick Becker is riding high after receiving a strong showing of support and endorsements from conservatives in North Dakota and across the country.

“Members of Congress should not receive a salary until the southern border is secure,” posted former congressman from South Carolina, Madison Cawthorn. “Props to @DrRickBecker for pledging to do just that.

Over the weekend, Congressman Matt Rosendale of Montana also threw his support behind Becker.

Adding to the list of endorsers over the past week also includes prominent America First figure and Trump confidant, Roger Stone. This adds to Becker’s list of endorsements from high-profile conservatives, including Senator Rand Paul.

Meanwhile, Julie Fedorchak’s campaign has faced significant controversy following a hot mic incident where she admitted her family received $20,000 from Carbon Summit Solutions for a carbon sequestration easement, with more payments promised upon project completion. This has raised serious concerns about conflicts of interest, especially given her initial recusal from the pipeline approval process.

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