Rob Smith: Americans Don’t Support Another ‘Forever War’, Won’t be ‘Bullied Into Blindly Supporting it’

by | Oct 17, 2023 | News

As debates around US involvement in foreign conflicts continue to brew, prominent voices and public sentiment reflect a growing aversion towards further military or financial engagement abroad.

Former US Army veteran and conservative activist Rob Smith echoes this sentiment, criticizing the push for prolonged military engagements. In a recent social media post, Smith stated, “I have been to war. It is horrific. Today’s Americans DO NOT WANT Forever War and will NOT be bullied into blindly supporting it…”

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The public’s reluctance towards foreign intervention is further illustrated by a recent CNN/SSRS survey concerning the war in Ukraine, as reported by Responsible Statecraft. According to the poll, 55% of Americans oppose additional Congressional funding to support Ukraine against Russian aggression.

The partisan divide is stark, with 71% of Republicans against further aid, contrasted by 62% of Democrats in favor. Yet, while financial aid faces scrutiny, the majority still support sharing intelligence and offering military training to Ukraine.

This reluctance extends beyond Eastern Europe, as demonstrated by the reaction to recent terror activities by Hamas in Israel. As US politicians weigh the nation’s stance, there’s an undercurrent of caution against engaging in another foreign conflict, reflecting a broader desire among Americans to avoid further entanglements.

The juxtaposition of veteran voices like Smith’s and public opinion underscores a shared concern over the human and financial costs associated with foreign interventions, resonating with a populace wary of the toll exacted by past and ongoing military involvements overseas.

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